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For off-court style and on-court dominance, PUMA women’s basketball outfits have got your back. PUMA hardwood basketball shoes are equipped with hardwood webbing to deliver maximum stability. Plenty of cushioning provides players with lightweight rebound and energy return. Rubber outer soles give enhanced traction and grip, and are designed with durability in mind. For those who love 80s design, PUMA Sky Modern basketball shoes have an iconic silhouette, and a personality to match. Get ready to throw back and throw down with a court-ready pair of kicks. With PUMA basketball clothes for women, you´ll have enough freedom for movement while staying cool even during the most heated basketball game. Transport your necessities to the court in style, with a PUMA women’s basketball backpack or duffle bag. Equipped with an array of pockets and compartments, PUMA backpacks have room for everything you need for your next game or training session. Separate shoe compartments with mesh inserts provide plenty of ventilation, while ergonomic straps deliver maximum durability and comfort.
  • Black (17)
  • gray (2)
  • Brown (1)
  • Yellow (1)
  • Red (2)
  • White (6)

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Dreamer 2 Basketball Shoes 4062453821041

RS-Dreamer Blood, Sweat and Tears Basketball Shoes 4063696476661

RS-Dreamer Concrete Jungle Basketball Shoes 4063696370228

Player Low Curve Basketball Cap 4063698359757

Player Basketball Waist Bag 4063698091855

Dreamer 2 Mid Basketball Shoes 4063698283175

PUMA Basketball Top Ball 4063696379078

Basketball Bucket Hat 4063698349680

Clyde All-Pro Basketball Shoes 4062453968494

Pro Basketball Travel Pouch 4063696685278
CHF 19,45
CHF 28,00

PUMA Basketball Flat Brim Cap 4062452166808

Clyde All-Pro Basketball Shoes 4062453968814

Logo Flat Brim Basketball Cap 4063696819789
CHF 19,45
CHF 28,00

Pro Basketball Backpack 4063698091824

Pro Basketball Backpack 4063696685322

Basketball Backpack 4063696685292
CHF 37,95
CHF 55,00

Basketball Backpack 4062453876522
CHF 23,95
CHF 35,00

Low Curve Basketball Cap 4063698359733

PUMA Basketball Backpack 4062452166778
CHF 26,95
CHF 55,00

Clyde Hardwood Team Men's Basketball Shoes 4063696863522

Pro Basketball Duffle Bag 4063698091817

Clyde Hardwood Team Men's Basketball Shoes 4063696863270

Basketball Multi Waist Bag 4062453876539
CHF 23,95
CHF 35,00

Stadium Basketball Bag 4063698091862

Basketball Gym Sack 4063698091909

Clyde Hardwood Team Men's Basketball Shoes 4063696863218

Clyde Hardwood Basketball Shoes 4062452205927
CHF 99,95
CHF 149,00

RS-Dreamer Super Mario 64™ Basketball Shoes 4063696865168

Sky Modern Basketball Shoes 4062452796104
CHF 79,95
CHF 160,00