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Essential Training Grip Gloves 4059506131080 CHF 22.00
Essential Training Gloves 4059506131042 CHF 28.95
CHF 28,95
Originally: CHF 36,00 -19%
FUTURE Ultimate Negative Cut Football Goalkeeper Gloves 4099684225348 CHF 170.00
ULTRA Ultimate Hybrid Goalkeeper Gloves 4099683448441 CHF 145.00
ULTRA Ultimate Hybrid Goalkeeper Gloves 4099685705245 CHF 135.00
PUMA ULTRA Pro RC Goalkeeper Gloves 4099685698493 CHF 90.00
PUMA ULTRA Play RC Goalkeeper Gloves 4099685704279 CHF 25.00
PUMA ULTRA Match Protect Youth Goalkeeper Gloves 4099685703463 CHF 55.00
individualWINTERIZED Football Gloves 4099683458235 CHF 30.00
ULTRA Ultimate ENERGY Hybrid Football Goalkeeper Gloves 4099683457306 CHF 98.95
CHF 98,95
Originally: CHF 165,00 -40%
FUTURE Ultimate NC Goalkeeper Gloves 4099685701278 CHF 155.00
FUTURE Pro Hybrid Goalkeeper Gloves 4099685698172 CHF 110.00
FUTURE Match Goalkeeper Gloves 4099685700868 CHF 44.00

Do you want a pair of gym gloves for men that will help improve your performance, boost your confidence and keep you safe while working out? If so, you've come to the right place. PUMA has created a collection of men´s sports gloves ideal for all men, whether you are training and weightlifting at home or in the gym. And these gloves for men are not just about fitness and weightlifting. PUMA has even more to offer than just the best fitness and training gloves for men. Gentlemen, no athlete will be left behind. As an example, to enhance your football game, PUMA's goalkeeper gloves give you the ultimate protection and a great balance of grip and flexibility. Grip dots and rubberized grip patches on the palm allow mobility, anti-slip and traction that´s perfect for lifting weights, bar work or pull-ups. Choose your favourite pair of gym gloves now and weightlift harder than ever.