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Designed with both form and functionality in mind, PUMA boys' trainers deliver maximum comfort and precision for every activity imaginable. With styles designed for a variety of surfaces, including artificial turf and natural grass, plus indoor and outdoor hard pitches, PUMA boys' sneakers consistently deliver an excellent support for fast, agile. Low-profile rubber soles provide excellent grip on indoor surfaces and outsoles designed for outdoor pitches are equipped with both bladed and conical studs for maximum stability. PUMA’s iconic range of trainers includes both lace and hook and loop closures, and innovative design features deliver a snug, supportive and customisable fit, allowing your young athlete to focus fully on their games. Ultra-lightweight outsoles are sleek and reactive, allowing intricate movements on the pitch. Styles in classic neutral tones pair perfectly with sports kits, while bold contemporary colour combinations allow athletes to showcase their style credentials, both on and off the pitch.
  • Black (115)
  • gray (34)
  • Brown (1)
  • Blue (37)
  • Green (1)
  • Orange (5)
  • tan (4)
  • Yellow (10)
  • Red (10)
  • Purple (2)
  • Pink (19)
  • White (89)
  • multi-colored (2)

329 (329)

Mirage Tech Kids' Trainers 4063698671521

Future Rider Neon Play Youth Trainers 4063697561946

Mirage Tech Kids' Trainers 4063698671835

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Mirage Tech Youth Trainers 4063698676922

Rapido II FG Youth Football Boots 4063697921238

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FUTURE Z 4.1 TT Youth Football Boots 4063697918795

FUTURE Z 3.1 FG/AG Youth Football Boots 4063697958739

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FUTURE 5.4 IT Youth Football Boots 4062451759759

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FUTURE 5.3 NETFIT FG/AG Youth Football Boots 4062451710798

TACTO FG/AG Youth Football Boots 4063697954113

Dreamer 2 Mid Youth Basketball Shoes 4063698283380

Auriz Youth Indoor Sports Shoes 4063697956933

R78 Kids' Trainers 4063698073066
CHF 55,00

Puma Smash v2 Youth Trainers 4062453133205
CHF 34,95
CHF 50,00

Future Rider Galaxy Youth Trainers 4062452960482

RS-X Puzzle Youth Trainers 4062451488178