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Women´s Shorts

PUMA women´s shorts are designed to guide you through every stage of your fitness routine. No matter whether you are looking for women´s training shorts to wear before and after your next workout or the ideal pair of shorts that help you stay cool during the next challenging training session. These high performance designs made from breathable materials will be your new highlight. PUMA running shorts for women have a thick elastic waistband with an adjustable drawstring and side pockets. The innovative moisture-wicking technology ensures a comfortable and dry feeling, no matter how long you turn it on. During sessions in which well-fitting clothing is a must, tight PUMA fitness shorts for women with a high waist and shaping silhouette including integrated mesh inserts are the ideal solution. Women´s biking shorts offer a perfect balance between classic and cute. A comfortable mid-tight cut and an elastic waistband make these ultra-sporty shorts your new training companion. Shop your favourites now.
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Women´s Shorts
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Favourite Woven 3" Women's Running Shorts 4063697211018

Favourite Woven 3" Women's Running Shorts 4063697214071

Exhale Biker Women's Training Leotard 4063697238732

Essentials Women's Sweat Shorts 4063697169531

Essentials Women's Sweat Shorts 4063697165144

Essentials Knitted Women's Sweat Shorts 4059507728777

Essentials Knitted Women's Sweat Shorts 4059507728845

T7 2020 Fashion Women's Shorts 4063696263971
CHF 26,95
CHF 55,00

IGNITE 4" Women's Running Shorts 4060981263968
CHF 30,00
CHF 43,00

Evide Women's Shorts 4062453599292
CHF 24,95
CHF 50,00

Summer AOP Women's Shorts 4062449881684
CHF 22,95
CHF 33,00

Women's Cycling Shorts 4063696911636
CHF 22,95
CHF 39,00

PUMA x FIRST MILE Xtreme 2-in-1 Women's Training Shorts 4062453522740

Tie Dye Mesh Women's Shorts 4062452492716
CHF 22,95
CHF 46,00

Favourite 2-in-1 3" Women's Running Shorts 4063697467729

Modern Sports Banded Women's Shorts 4062449933000

Classics T7 Women's Shorts 4062449861648

Tie Dye Mesh Women's Shorts 4062452492495
CHF 22,95
CHF 46,00

All-Over Printed Women's Cycling Shorts 4063696600899

Classics Women's Short Leggings 4063697094260

T7 2020 Fashion Women's Shorts 4063696264121
CHF 26,95
CHF 55,00

ftblNXT Women’s Football Shorts 4062453638656

Last Lap 2-in-1 Women's Training Shorts 4062451301712

Pounce Bermuda Women's Golf Shorts 4060978204653

Olympique de Marseille Casuals Football Shorts 4062453672681

individualCUP Women's Football Shorts 4063697372474

Pounce Bermuda Women's Golf Shorts 4060978204202

Man City Women's Training Shorts 4062453662095

A.C.E. Mesh Women's Shorts 4059506725500
CHF 24,95
CHF 36,00

Active Woven Women's Shorts 4059506805110

Evostripe Women's Shorts 4062449926194
CHF 29,95
CHF 45,00

Shimmer 4" Women's Training Shorts 4062453519894

PUMA x FIRST MILE Woven Women's Running Shorts 4062451870867

Modern Sports Women's Shorts 4060978731517
CHF 22,95
CHF 34,00