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Nothing is as important as optimal grip when it comes to winter boots. Thanks to PUMA women's winter shoes, you can even take a quick sprint through the snow without skidding off the road. PUMA women's winter boots have the necessary traction thanks to their rubber outsole with profile, while your feet stay warm thanks to the heat-insulating lining. Whether mid cut or high top – PUMA sneaker boots are also a perfect match for your party outfit during winter times. Get equipped for the cold weather now.
  • Black (7)
  • gray (3)
  • tan (1)
  • Pink (1)

Desierto v2 PureTEX Trainers 4062453056863
CHF 99,95
CHF 145,00

Desierto v2 PureTEX Trainers 4062453075918

Desierto v2 PureTEX Trainers 4062453046949

Carina Mid Winterised Women's Trainers 4062452931987

Cali Sport Top Warm Up Women’s Trainers 4062453004604

Cilia Mid Metallic Women's Trainers 4063696977014

Cali Sport Top Warm Up Women’s Trainers 4063696495051

Tarrenz SB PURE-TEX Trainers 4060981742708
CHF 74,95
CHF 110,00

Rebound Lay Up SD Fur Trainers 4060981813590
CHF 52,95
CHF 77,00

Adela Women's Winter Boots 4062453123398
CHF 59,45
CHF 85,00

Rebound Lay Up SD Fur Trainers 4060981173861

Adela Women's Winter Boots 4060981028994
CHF 59,00
CHF 85,00