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Men’s Basketball Shoes

They’re performance-driven inside and out, so making an impact on court is simple with a pair of PUMA men's basketball shoes.Whether you’re looking for a classic low-top look or want to throw back to the 80s with a retro hi-top silhouette, PUMA performance basketball shoes are court-ready and perfect for play. Specialising in high performance basketball shoes for men, PUMA ensures you won’t have to worry about grip or stability again. Innovative forefoot webbing delivers maximum foot lockdown and superior stability. Premium cushioning technology gives lightweight rebound and energy return, and full coverage rubber outsoles mean spot up play and quick cuts won’t be a problem. Breathable, secure and comfortable, ankle straps and lace closures are designed to work with your feet, not against them. PUMA performance basketball shoes always look stylish on and off the court. So, whether you’re looking to make your mark before, during, or after a big game, do it in PUMAs.
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  • gray (3)
  • Yellow (1)
  • Red (2)
  • White (9)

RS-Dreamer Proto Basketball Shoes 4062453814098

RS-Dreamer Proto Basketball Shoes 4062453821034

RS-Dreamer Blood, Sweat and Tears Basketball Shoes 4063696476661

RS-Dreamer Super Mario 64™ Basketball Shoes 4063696865168

Clyde All-Pro Basketball Shoes 4063697864863

Disc Rebirth Basketball Shoes 4063698442503

Court Rider Twofold Basketball Shoes 4064533015432

Disc Rebirth Basketball Shoes 4063698443913

Ralph Sampson Lo Vintage Trainers 4062451742140
CHF 62,95
CHF 92,00

Uproar Core Men's Basketball Shoes 4062449658316
CHF 79,95
CHF 160,00

Uproar Core Men's Basketball Shoes 4062449658415
CHF 79,95
CHF 160,00

Clyde Court Basketball Shoes 4062449658835
CHF 100,00
CHF 144,00

Clyde Hardwood Team Men's Basketball Shoes 4063696863522

Clyde All-Pro Basketball Shoes 4062453968494

Clyde All-Pro Basketball Shoes 4062453968814

Uproar Core Men's Basketball Shoes 4062449832426
CHF 79,95
CHF 160,00

Clyde Hardwood Team Men's Basketball Shoes 4063696863218

Clyde Hardwood Team Men's Basketball Shoes 4063696863270

Dreamer 2 Mid Basketball Shoes 4063698283175

RS-Dreamer Concrete Jungle Basketball Shoes 4063696370228

Clyde Court Basketball Shoes 4062449658712
CHF 69,95
CHF 144,00