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Accessories for Men

Accessories can make or break every workout ensemble. For athletes who want to monitor their performance and set ambitious training goals, PUMA smartwatches for men are the ideal finishing touch. With breathable straps and intuitive touch-screen interfaces, keeping on top of training and celebrating key fitness milestones has never been simpler. PUMA baseball caps for meninject some streetstyle into a laid-back look. Select a flatbrim style to make the most of an iconic, 90s inspired silhouette, or opt for the additional ventilation and breathability of an ultra-cool trucker cap. Similarly, PUMA fashion sunglasses for men are available in a wide choice of styles and colours, allowing you to showcase your personal athletic style before, during and after your workout. PUMA knows that the best workout outfits have strong foundations. From high-quality underwear, to men's crew socks with in-built arch support and carefully constructed toe seams, no detail has been overlooked to deliver superior comfort and maximum performance.
  • Black (249)
  • gray (33)
  • metallic (1)
  • Brown (4)
  • Blue (81)
  • Green (22)
  • Orange (11)
  • tan (6)
  • Yellow (18)
  • Red (32)
  • Purple (3)
  • Pink (29)
  • White (43)
  • multi-colored (8)
  • gold (1)

Accessories for Men
541 (541)

PUMA Face Mask (Set of 2) 4063698359771

Rudolf Dassler Legacy Backpack 4063698576918

Red Bull Racing Replica Backpack 4063698661461

Man City Iconic Street Football Waist Bag 4063698105156

Rudolf Dassler Legacy Grip Bag 4063698576925

BVB Iconic Street Football Waist Bag 4063698105170

Player Basketball Waist Bag 4063698091855

Red Bull Racing Replica Portable Bag 4063698661478

PUMA x FIRST MILE Training Neck Wallet 4063697989115

Metal Cat Cap 4063697988125
CHF 22,00

Infuse Women's Baseball Cap 4063698170314

Red Bull Racing Replica Verstappen Baseball Cap 4063698661515

Player Low Curve Basketball Cap 4063698359757

Red Bull Racing Replica Verstappen Flat Brim Cap 4063698661485

Scuderia Ferrari Replica Leclerc Cap 4062453826145

Scuderia Ferrari Replica Carlos Sainz Low Curve Cap 4063698677554

Porsche Legacy Trucker Cap 4063698169189

Scuderia Ferrari Replica Vettel Cap 4062453826015

PUMA ONE Grip 1 Goalkeeper Gloves 4062451386801

FUTURE Grip 5.1 Hybrid Goalkeeper Gloves 4062451390327

Red Bull Racing Lifestyle Portable 4059504721054

Red Bull Racing Lifestyle Backpack 4059504720965

Pioneer Backpack I 4055262371128
CHF 17,45
CHF 25,00

Pioneer Backpack I 4055262371104
CHF 17,45
CHF 25,00

Classic Backpack 4060978181329
CHF 23,95
CHF 35,00

PUMA R Gym Bag 4062451892982
CHF 10,95
CHF 22,50

Classic Backpack 4060978181336
CHF 17,45
CHF 35,00

teamGOAL Gym Sack 4062451880361
CHF 10,00

teamGOAL Gym Sack 4062451880347
CHF 10,00

Deck Gym Bag 4060981723929
CHF 9,95
CHF 14,50

teamGOAL Gym Sack 4062451880354
CHF 10,00

PUMA Deck Gym Sack 4062453785411
CHF 16,00

Buzz Backpack 4062453787545
CHF 35,00

PUMA R Gym Bag 4062451893125
CHF 10,95
CHF 22,50