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Kids New Arrivals

Small in size, but really big in design: Those are the new PUMA outfits for teens and kids. High quality and innovative spirit have been combined to create fresh looks for school, practice, playtime or staying in. With these new looks, kids will be perfectly equipped for any situation while being ahead on style. Shop the latest kids and youth styles now and create the most exciting athleisure looks for all adventures.
  • Black (13)
  • gray (6)
  • Blue (1)
  • tan (1)
  • Yellow (2)
  • Red (1)
  • Pink (1)
  • White (1)

Kids New Arrivals
26 (26)

Black Fives Youth Trainers 4063698687133

Black Fives Youth Trainers 4063698680929

Mirage Tech Kids' Trainers 4063698671521

Mirage Tech Kids' Trainers 4063698671835

Mirage Tech Babies' Trainers 4063698671187

Mirage Tech Babies' Trainers 4063698671231

Mirage Tech Youth Trainers 4063698676922

Mirage Tech Youth Trainers 4063698676717

Essentials+ Logo Silhouette Youth Tee 4063697262652

FUTURE Z 4.1 IT Youth Football Boots 4063697923522

FUTURE Z 3.1 FG/AG Youth Football Boots 4063697958739

FUTURE Z 4.1 TT Youth Football Boots 4063697918795

FUTURE Z 4.1 FG/AG Youth Football Boots 4063697930377

Runtrain Youth Leggings 4063697156111

Future Rider Neon Play Youth Trainers 4063697560239

Future Rider Neon Play Youth Trainers 4063697561946

Rapido II FG Youth Football Boots 4063697921238

Rapido II TT Youth Football Boots 4063697939585

TACTO FG/AG Youth Football Boots 4063697954113

Auriz Youth Indoor Sports Shoes 4063697956933

Dreamer 2 Mid Youth Basketball Shoes 4063698283380

PUMA ONE Grip 1 Goalkeeper Gloves 4062451386801

FUTURE 5.4 TT Youth Football Boots 4062451837389

FUTURE 5.4 IT Youth Football Boots 4062451759759

FUTURE 5.3 NETFIT FG/AG Youth Football Boots 4062451710798

FUTURE Grip 5.1 Hybrid Goalkeeper Gloves 4062451390327