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PUMA SELECT exists in the intersection of sport, style, and creativity. Through bold collaboration, it embraces the constantly evolving worlds of streetwear and fashion, elevating the brand and pushing the culture forward.


Step into a realm of unique style with PUMA SELECT, where we collaborate with the coolest designers on the scene, to create pieces that'll last you for years to come. Our collections are curated with limited-edition pieces that elevate your wardrobe and stay true to our long-lasting legacy of quality sportswear and setting new trends. SELECT fashion is all about providing fashionistas the world over with select collaborations of timeless classics and avant-garde pieces. Want to add a few unique pieces from our SELECT collections to your wardrobe? We can't wait to see what you'll pick. Each SELECT collection is the fruit of years of talking, imagining and designing exceptional new styles that disrupt the fashion industry as we know it (and love it).

And don't forget to check out our Lifestyle collections to complete your streetwear and/or sportswear wardrobe with fresh, modern collections. Once you've shopped your new favourite outfits, be sure to check out one of the many things we do with care and expertise: unisex footwear for all. A pair for every outfit doesn't sound like too many, does it?