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Women’s Running Clothes & Equipment

When performance is your top priority, PUMA women’s running outfits help you train to your potential, and strive towards your next fitness goal. PUMA running shorts for women are constructed from high-tech fabrics to regulate body temperature through your workout. Steady training is healthy training, which is why we’ve focused our technology to keep you cool, and ensure you stay warm through your recovery. Wide, elastic waistbands in PUMA women’s jogging gear allow for a full range of movement and comfort while also providing a tight performance fit and streamlined silhouette. Pair with women’s jogging clothes such as a sleek PUMA woman’s running top and jacket, to feel the full benefits of our innovative moisture-wicking technology. A performance-monitoring smart watch provides the ideal finishing touch to your running gear, helps you keep an eye on your progress, and encourages you to celebrate key milestones. Running gear for women can prioritise both fashion and function, and everything from PUMA headbands to track spikes have been engineered with the needs of athletes in mind.
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Women’s Running Clothes & Equipment
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High Impact Fast Launch Women's Training Bra 4063697414914

High Impact Fast Women's Training Bra 4063697427198

High Impact Fast Women's Training Bra 4063697427075

Logo Short Sleeve Women's Running Tee 4063697473140

Graphic Hooded Women's Running Jacket 4063697216044

COOLadapt Long Sleeve Women's Running Tee 4063697227156

Scorch Runner Running Shoes 4063697880153

Favourite Woven 3" Women's Running Shorts 4063697214071

Favourite Woven 3" Women's Running Shorts 4063697211018

Calibrate Kevlar Running Shoes 4063697818682

UltraRide Women's Running Shoes 4063697894983

Flyer Beta Running Shoes 4062453162601
CHF 39,95
CHF 60,00

Hybrid Runner v2 Running Shoes 4062449101157
CHF 59,95
CHF 120,00

IGNITE Women's Running Tank Top 4060981261322
CHF 17,95
CHF 26,00

Star MultiKNIT Running Shoes 4062451503246
CHF 52,95
CHF 77,00

Favourite Women's Running Leggings 4063697231948

Optic XI LQDCELL Women's Running Shoes 4062453240026

HYBRID NX Ozone Women's Running Shoes 4062453269485

Enzo 2 Women's Running Shoes 4062453242778

Favourite Quarter-Zip Women's Running Pullover 4063697476615

IGNITE 4" Women's Running Shorts 4060981263968
CHF 30,00
CHF 43,00

Quick Dry Women's Running Cap 4063697987593

Softride Sophia Eco Women's Running Shoes 4063697796195

SPEED SUTAMINA Women's Running Shoes 4060979879416

Running Armband 4063697989177
CHF 22,00

PUMA Smartwatch 4013496851519