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Shop PUMA for the little ones, boys age 0-4 years. Shoes and clothing of PUMA's popular designs with form, function and easy in and out. You'll find PUMA tracksuits for toddler boys, trainers, sneakers, jerseys, hoodies, windbreakers and more designed for durability and function including easy in and out features like SoftFoam+ sockliners for instant step-in and comfort. Boys will delight over tracksuits with colour blocking and designs inspired by their favourite popular footballers, football clubs and sports personalities. There are lots of firsts in your toddler’s little life, and when they’re ready to embrace their get up and go, PUMA trainers for toddler boys deliver the support and comfort they need for every step. Made to keep your little one on the move, PUMA shoes are lightweight, and the special non-marking soles provide consistent grip and traction. Padded tongues offer comfort, and integrated arch support helps to look after their feet. Adjustable laces deliver a snug fit, while our trainers with hook-and-loop closure and slip-on styles will have them on the move in no time. Trainers for toddler children can be fashion-forward too, and PUMA merges retro design and contemporary cool to deliver shoes and clothes to prepare your child for every adventurous step. What’s more, PUMA toddler´s outfits come in a wide-ranging palette, including classic block tones and bold, contemporary colours.
  • Black (33)
  • gray (11)
  • Brown (1)
  • Blue (23)
  • Green (4)
  • tan (2)
  • Yellow (2)
  • Red (6)
  • Purple (1)
  • Pink (13)
  • White (25)

Mirage Tech Babies' Trainers 4063698770781

Mirage Tech Babies' Trainers 4063698770613

Stepfleex 2 SL VE V Babies' Trainers 4063697938809

Ralph Sampson Lo V Babies' Trainers 4060981901600

Anzarun Lite Babies' Trainers 4062451506025

Anzarun Lite Babies' Trainers 4062451482879

Comet 2 FS V Babies’ Trainers 4063697905733

Smash v2 Kids' Trainers 4063697767010

R78 Babies' Trainers 4063697741898

Smash v2 Archeo Summer Babies' Trainers 4063697785182

PUMA x PEANUTS Mirage Mox Babies' Trainers 4063697671195

Smash Baby Trainers 4057827551587
23,95 €
35,00 €

R78 Babies' Trainers 4063697735446

Anzarun Lite Babies' Trainers 4062451484019

Anzarun Lite Babies' Trainers 4063697734111

RS-Fast AC Babies' Trainers 4063697020702

R78 Babies' Trainers 4063698073127

Smash v2 Kids' Trainers 4059505130596

Enzo Weave Babies' Trainers 4060979004047
39,95 €
60,00 €

Mirage Tech Babies' Trainers 4063698770538

Smash v2 Archeo Summer Babies' Trainers 4063697791558

Wired Run Babies' Trainers 4062453009876

Smash v2 Kids' Trainers 4059505130503

Smash v2 Kids' Trainers 4063697775695

X-Ray Lite Babies' Trainers 4063697717015