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Jackets for Men

For those who play outdoor sports or who do not like to give up a morning run in the park even in the coldest months, the PUMA collection of men's sports jackets is your go-to option full of models truly suitable for every need. In fact, we find windbreakers and ultralight down jackets, made with highly water-resistant breathable materials, perfect both on the pitch and while being a spectator. For businessmen always on the track who run to the gym during their lunch break, PUMA has created practical sporty vests but at the same time with elegant lines, perfect to wear over the jacket without creasing it. Obviously, the fleece jackets and men's tracksuit collection featuring practical and light designs with zip or warm and enveloping styles with hood can´t be missing. Which ones will you pick?
  • Black (112)
  • gray (18)
  • metallic (1)
  • Brown (2)
  • Blue (54)
  • Green (11)
  • tan (4)
  • Yellow (4)
  • Red (15)
  • Pink (1)
  • White (17)

Jackets for Men
239 (239)

PUMA x HELLY HANSEN Reversible Men's Jacket 4063698320351

OM TFS Half-Zip Woven Men's Football Jacket 4063697102620

Rudolf Dassler Legacy T7 Men's Track Top 4063697714427

OG DISC Men's Track Jacket 4062453538758

Rudolf Dassler Legacy T7 Men's Track Top 4063697713505

Man City TFS Woven Half-Zip Men's Football Jacket 4063697101616

OM TFS Woven Men's Football Jacket 4063697102071

Ferrari Team Men's Softshell Jacket 4062452442056

Porsche Legacy Statement Men's Hoodie 4063698345118

Porsche Design RCT Men's Jacket 4063698114837

Porsche Design Travel Men's Hoodie 4063696461100

Porsche Design Light Men's Racing Jacket 4063698169592

PUMA x FIRST MILE Utility Men's Training Jacket 4063697428478

PUMA x FIRST MILE Utility Men's Training Jacket 4063697429819

Tunnel Men's Basketball Trench Coat 4063698083553

ACM MCS Iconic Men's Football Track Jacket 4063697051638

BMG Iconic MCS Men's Football Track Jacket 4063697044364

Ferrari Team Woven Hooded Men's Jacket 4062452441981

EvoKnit Energy Men's Half Zip Hoodie 4059504490660

Activate Full-Zip Men's Training Jacket 4063697421479

Activate Full-Zip Men's Training Jacket 4063697419735

Hooded Men's Bomber Jacket 4060979736269
77,00 €
110,00 €

Active Training Men's Bonded Tech Jacket 4057828030654

Porsche Design Light Men's Padded Jacket 4063696479204

Activate Men's Training Hoodie 4063697418752

Tech Knit Men's Training Hoodie 4063697431010

Avenir Men's Track Top 4062453607072
39,95 €
80,00 €

OM Warm-Up Men's Football Jacket 4063697520806

ESS+ Padded Men's Jacket 4062452865770
59,45 €
85,00 €

Man City Warm-Up Men's Football Jacket 4063697527638

Red Bull Racing T7 Men's Track Jacket 4062453595812

PUMA International Lab Woven Men's Track Jacket 4063697425644

ESS Padded Men's Jacket 4062452814778
49,95 €
75,00 €

LIGA Men's Training Jacket 4059504554249

Scuderia Ferrari Style T7 Men's Track Jacket 4062453617132