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Men's Handball Shoes

Handball is a fast and very demanding sport whose origins are lost in ancient Rome, where there was already a very similar game used by legionaries as training for war. The key elements of this discipline are precision, speed and agility and PUMA has been able to take all these elements and translate them into a collection of men's handball shoes that allows the wearer to make the most of their talent and their natural skills on the field. Shoes are one of the key elements of this sport, in fact handball involves numerous jumps and sprints and for this reason the cushioning of the shoes is an essential element to protect the joints. The PUMA handball shoes for men, equipped with a non-marking rubber sole ideal for indoor practice, guarantee perfect cushioning thanks to the foam midsole and the reinforcements on the heel to stabilize the foot by anchoring it firmly to the insole.
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Adrenalite 1.1 Handball Shoes 4062453850874

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