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Sports Shoes for Women

With a pair of PUMA trainers for women on your side, stepping out in style is simple. We design ladies’ sneakers to suit every occasion, making it easy for every woman to find the perfect pair of shoes in our collection. Serve some streetwear-ready looks by adding chunky 90s-inspired trainers into your collection. Alternatively, if the sports luxe look is more you, a pair of heritage basketball sneakers will perform, season after season. Our engineering and design teams build speed, comfort and style into PUMA’s trainers for women. PUMA’s collection is super-sleek, with performance-focused features to please the most experienced runners. We’ve thought of track and field athletes too, and our innovative range of running spikes is durable, lightweight, and shaped for success. Whether you’re searching for your ideal classic ladies’ trainers, updating your selection of sandals and sliders, or eager to refresh your gym wardrobe with a pair of performance-driven running shoes for women, PUMA has every occasion covered.
  • Black (338)
  • gray (106)
  • metallic (2)
  • Blue (53)
  • Green (12)
  • Orange (8)
  • tan (24)
  • Yellow (16)
  • Red (25)
  • Purple (13)
  • Pink (53)
  • White (461)
  • multi-colored (22)

Mayze Lth Women's Trainers 4063699821345

RS-X Reinvent Women's Trainers 4063697747180

PUMA x MAISON KITSUNÉ Roma Trainers 4063697584471

PUMA x MAISON KITSUNÉ Ralph Sampson 70 Trainers 4063697613447

PUMA x EARTHBREAK Mirage OG Trainers 4063697681583

Cali Sport Pastel Mix Women's Trainers 4063697679672

PUMA x EARTHBREAK Mirage Mox Trainers 4063697567849

PUMA x MR DOODLE Future Rider Trainers 4063697567610

Style Rider Trainers 4063697648807
1.200,00 kr

Future Rider Icons Trainers 4063697559882

Future Rider Icons Trainers 4063697552753

Cruise Rider Iridescent Women's Trainers 4063697576742

Oslo Vulcanised Canvas Trainers 4063697627376

PUMA x MAISON KITSUNÉ Ralph Sampson 70 Trainers 4063697665101

Ralph Sampson 70 Low Archive Trainers 4063697677531

Cali Sport Pastel Mix Women's Trainers 4063697634091

Mirage Tech Trainers 4063697568778
1.100,00 kr

Wild Rider Layers Trainers 4063699512823

PUMA x MR DOODLE Cruise Rider Women's Trainers 4063697576490

RS-2K Bold Neutrals Women's Trainers 4063697664586

Wild Rider Layers Trainers 4063699520040

Mayze Luxe Women's Trainers 4063699494426