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Padel has gained a lot of interest in recent years around the world, particularly in Europe. As it is more and more popular among women, we want to provide you with the best women's padel gear on the market. We offer you different colors and sizes, so you can find the apparel and racket that fit you. As quality is essential at PUMA, all our padel products are made of high-quality materials that provide great comfort. With these products, you have all the cards in hand to reach your goal, whether it is just having fun with friends or dominating the padel court and beating your opponent.
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15 Products
SolarATTACK Power Padel Racket 4064537057667 kr 1700.00
SolarATTACK CTR Padel Racket 4064537057643 kr 1700.00
SolarCOURT Padel Racket 4064537057650 kr 700.00
SolarATTACK Padel Tennis Bag 4064537015148 kr 900.00
SolarBLINK Padel Tennis Backpack 4064537056974 kr 500.00
Solarsmash RCT Padel Shoes 4064536113159 kr 600.00
Solarsmash RCT Padel Shoes Youth 4064536112459 kr 400.00
teamLIGA Women's Tee 4064537062494 kr 300.00
teamLIGA Women's Tank Top 4064537194690 kr 300.00
teamLIGA Women's Skirt 4064537194751 kr 400.00
teamLIGA Women's Dress 4064537194898 kr 600.00
SolarBLINK CTR Padel Racket 4064537057698 kr 1200.00
Solar COURT Women's Padel Racket 4064537057704 kr 700.00