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Release date: 18.05.2021


Delivery Details


1. Delivery Time

The delivery period is 2-4 business days, unless otherwise stated on the respective product page or during checkout.

2. Delivery Charges

We offer free standard shipping for order values above 600 kr. A standard shipping charge of 49 kr will be applied on order values less than 600 kr. We also offer express shipping for a fee of 99 kr.

3. Delivery Restrictions

We currently offer shipping only to the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark (except Greenland, Faroes Island), Estonia, Finland (except Åland Islands), France (except overseas departments / DOM, French Guiana, Monaco), Germany (except Island of Helgoland, Büsingen am Hochrhein), Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy (except San Marino), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands (except ABC Islands), Poland, Portugal (except Azores and Madeira), Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (except Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla), Sweden and Switzerland.

If you wish a delivery to an EU member state which is not stated above, you are free to place a respective order. However, in this case you are obliged to organise a shipment to your desired address independently. We will prepare the goods within 5 working days from the time of order placement and successful payment for pickup by you or a shipping service provider you have instructed. A pickup will only be possible within a period of 20 days from the time of order placement and successful payment. 
The pickup address is: 

PUMA Online Shop
Eichenstrasse 10A / Tor 12
D-85445 Oberding

After expiration of this period, the order will be cancelled, and your payment will be refunded without undue delay.