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Women`s Sneakers

Designed to suit any occasion, PUMA sneakers for women are more than everyday shoes. Our classic and retro models are available in several colours. Fall for a pair of iconic women`s shoes in white to match all your outfits or savor the simplicity that only a pair of black sneakers can offer. Otherwise go for an urban look with a pair of chunky-soled sneakers with chunky laces. From '90s-inspired pastel-toned sneakers to must-have black sneakers for women or trendy white sneakers, you will find the sneaker you are looking for. Whether you are searching for the latest pair of on-trend trainers or rather a versatile model that will go as well with your work outfit as it does with your weekend look, PUMA is bound to have the model of your dreams.
  • Black (217)
  • gray (78)
  • metallic (2)
  • Blue (33)
  • Green (15)
  • Orange (2)
  • tan (16)
  • Yellow (3)
  • Red (12)
  • Purple (9)
  • Pink (39)
  • White (365)
  • multi-colored (18)

Women`s Sneakers
809 (809)

Cali Star Women's Trainers 4063697617568

Cali Star Women's Trainers 4063697577350

Cali Star Women's Trainers 4063697611351

Cali Star Women's Trainers 4063697607590

Mirage Tech Trainers 4063697555679
1.100,00 kr

Black Fives Low Trainers 4063698687072

RS-Connect 4063697751354
1.300,00 kr

Bella Women's Trainers 4063697963832

Mirage Tech Core Trainers 4063697548503

Oslo Vulc Trainers 4063697626188
900,00 kr

Bari Z Slip-on Trainers 4063697578623

Bari Z Slip-on Trainers 4063697607859

Mirage Tech Core Trainers 4063697565050

XS 7000 OG Trainers 4062453162243
1.600,00 kr

Bari Z Slip-on Trainers 4063697583443

Future Rider Tones Women's Trainers 4063697665613

Hedra Minimal Women's Trainers 4063697635036

RS-Fast Tech Trainers 4063697598201
1.200,00 kr

Oslo Maja Infuse Women's Trainers 4063697630628

Black Fives Mid Trainers 4063698680660

PUMA x HELLY HANSEN Mirage Tech Trainers 4063698744485

Hedra Minimal Women's Trainers 4063697642607

Future Rider Twofold Pop Trainers 4063698651653

RS-Connect 4063697792968
1.300,00 kr