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MB.01 "Breast Cancer Awareness" Basketball Shoes 4064535300390 kr 1500.00
Court Rider Superman 85th Basketball Shoes 4099684870012 kr 1200.00
Stewie 2 Water Women's Basketball Shoes 4065454959843 kr 1500.00
Stewie 2 Ruby Basketball Shoes Women 4065452992927 kr 1300.00
PUMA x BALMAIN Court Basketball Shoes 4064535234817 kr 9900.00
Are you training for the next big basketball game? Or do you simply enjoy throwing some balls with friends? PUMAs innovative collection of basketball shoes for women offers the right footwear for every game. Athletes need to take full advantage of their potential. That´s why PUMA shoes are made of high quality materials that are characterized by longevity, optimal fit and breathability. With the cushioned high tech shoe sole, every steps feels like walking over clouds. What´s more is that these basketball shoes offer maximum stability thanks to their high-abrasion adhesion and can therefore be optimally adapted to any playing style. If you are looking for basketball footwear with optimal stability, energy return and traction, you've come to the right place.