PUMA by X-BIONIC Twyce Short Sleeve Women's Running Tee

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PUMA by X-BIONIC Twyce Short Sleeve Women's Running Tee, Puma Black-Pink Alert, small
PUMA by X-BIONIC Twyce Short Sleeve Women's Running Tee


Boost your running performance with this state-of-the-art running shirt from the new PUMA by X-BIONIC® series. Sweat regulates the body's temperature. But sweating takes energy. According to scientists, athletes consume up to 97% of their energy for cooling. X-BIONIC® thermoregulation improves the cooling effect of sweat, saving your energy for better performance. The Twyce Cool Zone – with its complex 3D structures of inner and outer air channels – distributes sweat over a broad area for the greatest possible evaporative cooling effect. It cools you when working out. And when you're recovering after your training session, X-BIONIC® thermoregulation warms your body, keeping it at an optimal temperature level.


  • X-BIONIC® THERMOREGULATION: Turns sweat into energy through enhanced cooling during workout. Warms when you're getting cold during recovery


  • Performance tee
  • Tight fit
  • Slightly raised crew neck collar
  • Short sleeves
  • PUMA by X-BIONIC® branding at upper chest
  • Large PUMA Cat Logo at left sleeve
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