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In our changing world, sustainability and its aim to use resources efficiently is becoming more important. PUMA has its say and wants to do more than just design good sportswear items. Since 1948, PUMA has choosen to be different, to do differently, and to be a leader of change in fashion and sportswear. Being FOREVER FASTER is in our DNA, but it's time to be more than that: it's time to create sustainable clothes and sustainable shoes. Forever Better is PUMA`s commitment to reducing the impact on the environment. Addressing global challenges we face, promoting important topics like reducing environmental waste, creating sustainable outfits by using sustainable materials like recycled rubber and polyester. Therefore sustainable fashion styles from PUMA's collections like RE:STYLE or from collaborations like PUMA x FIRST MILE craft consciousness into a hopeful future. Of course, sportsmen and women will easily find something to suit them, but eco-fashion is more than just for one group of people.

PUMA wants to inspire as many people as possible: our sustainable fashion is dedicated to everyone, without exception. This is a new way of thinking, a new way of designing products, a new way of dressing. And PUMA wants to be a major player. Experience PUMA`s sustainable fashion collection and shop eco-friendly, sustainable outfits now. It's only if we change our habits and act all together that we can make the world Forever Better.

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Mayze RE:Style Women's Trainers 4064536270944 110.00
CA Pro RE:Style Trainers 4064536303604 90.00
Cruise Rider RE:Style Women's Trainers 4064536366715 98.00
RE:Classics Men's Tee 4064535741759 30.00
RE:Classics Men's Tee 4064535720136 30.00
RE:T7 Track Training Men's Jacket 4064535375480 78.00
RE:T7 Track Training Men's Jacket 4064535493931 78.00