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Men’s Clothing

Dedicated to designing clothing to prioritise both your lifestyle and your comfort, PUMA men’s sportswear is shaped to help showcase your unique style credentials. PUMA’s men’s sports fashion range is performance driven, and designed with innovative materials to see you through your exercise with ease.Supremely versatile and available in a range of styles, why not wear PUMA fashion polos for men with sweatpants for a streetwear look? Alternatively, they look just as good with printed men’s shorts for training, or with denim jeans for a laid-back night out. Available in classic block colours, bold hues and on-trendpatterns, PUMA men's fashion t-shirts can be styled to suit many occasions. From post-work gym trips to track training sessions, pair a classic t-shirt with everything from a track jacket for men, to athletic shorts and sleek track pants. Designed with movement in mind, every design detail in PUMA men’s sports clothing range ensures that your performance can remain your top priority throughout every training session. Whatever your sport or style, PUMA men’s athletic wear allows you to explore exactly what makes you who you are.
  • Black (828)
  • gray (239)
  • metallic (3)
  • Brown (9)
  • Blue (378)
  • Green (92)
  • Orange (23)
  • tan (23)
  • Yellow (58)
  • Red (166)
  • Purple (15)
  • Pink (13)
  • White (292)
  • multi-colored (9)
  • gold (1)

Statement Sleeveless Men's Tee 4064533421554

Jersey Men's Tee 4064533421004
24,95 €

Elevate Printed Men's Tee 4063698709460

Elevate Tape Men's Tee 4063698708807

Jersey Men's Tee 4064533420960
24,95 €

Jersey Men's Tee 4064533421134
24,95 €

Elevate Tape Men's Tee 4063698708869

MMQ EARTHBREAK Men's Tee 4063697124042

PUMA x MR DOODLE Men's Tee 4063697727106

Elevate Crew Neck Men's Tee 4063698709941

Classics Embro Sleeveless Men's Tee 4063697469686

Statement Oversized Men's Tee 4064533484023

PUMA x MR DOODLE Colourblock Men's Tee 4063697726932

Bonded Short Sleeve Men's Training Tee 4063697336612

Elevate Printed Men's Tee 4063698709569

Avenir Men's Tee 4063697438880
29,95 €

Statement Boxy Fit Men's Tee 4064533420892

Only See Great Men's Tee 4062452559143

PUMA x MR DOODLE Men's Tee 4063697727533

Favourite Men's Running Singlet 4063697424449

Vent Men's Training Tee 4063697419407

Favourite Heather Short Sleeve Men's Training Tee 4063697187269

Statement Sleeveless Men's Tee 4064533421608

Only See Great Men's Tee 4062452559242

Favourite Heather Short Sleeve Men's Training Tee 4063697185784

Vent Men's Training Tee 4063697421936

Classics Embro Sleeveless Men's Tee 4063697476172

PUMA x MR DOODLE Colourblock Men's Tee 4063697727403

PUMA x MR DOODLE Printed Men's Tee 4063697726321

MMQ EARTHBREAK Men's Tee 4063697123410