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If you are looking for football shorts, sports shorts, golf shorts or simply comfortable leisure jogger shorts then you´ve come to the right place. In fact, PUMA offers a very wide range of men's sports shorts. The key word that all of PUMA sportswear has in common is definitely "freedom". Freedom of movement, freedom of action, freedom to win. The men's football shorts offer great comfort and are made out of modern and highly breathable materials, perfect for regulating humidity. Many models also have practical side pockets, ventilation openings and reflective elements, which are particularly important for maintaining visibility in low light conditions. For football fans, PUMA has designed a collection of men's shorts in collaboration with popular football clubs like Man City or Borussia Dortmund. Find your favourites of PUMA men´s shorts now.
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  • gray (33)
  • Blue (60)
  • Green (16)
  • Orange (2)
  • tan (1)
  • Yellow (4)
  • Red (19)
  • Purple (1)
  • White (23)
  • multi-colored (2)

Tie Dye All-Over Printed Knitted Men's Shorts 4062452491771

Neymar Jr Creativity Men's Shorts 4064533362055

OB Woven Men's Shorts 4063698715775

OB Woven Men's Shorts 4063698715850

Neymar Jr Creativity Men's Shorts 4064533361430

PUMA x MAISON KITSUNÉ Men's Cargo Shorts 4063698548564

OB Woven Men's Shorts 4063698715812

PUMA x MAISON KITSUNÉ Men's Cargo Shorts 4063698548618

Woven 7" Men's Training Shorts 4063697438286

Jersey Men's Shorts 4064533599277

DECOR8 Men's Shorts 4063698715591

PUMA x MR DOODLE Printed Men's Shorts 4063697727465

PUMA x MR DOODLE Men's Shorts 4063697727694

PUMA x MR DOODLE Printed Men's Shorts 4063697726888

PUMA x MR DOODLE Men's Shorts 4063697726611

Favourite Woven 7" Session Men's Running Shorts 4063697444706

Jersey Men's Shorts 4064533599284

Woven 7" Men's Running Shorts 4063697430228

Favourite Cat 9" Men's Training Shorts 4063697478848

individualCUP Men's Football Shorts 4063697193536

Jaws Mesh Men's Basketball Shorts 4063698084642

Borussia Mönchengladbach Men's Training Shorts 4059506929229

Active Men's Woven Shorts 4059506795800

Active Men's Woven Shorts 4059506794711

Essentials Jersey Men's Shorts 4059507726780
15,95 €
22,95 €

Essentials Jersey Men's Shorts 4059507726957
15,95 €
22,95 €

Branded Terry Men's Sweat Shorts 4063698831895

Active Woven 9" Men's Shorts 4063697496262

Football Men's LIGA Shorts 4059504592074

Branded Terry Men's Sweat Shorts 4063698831963

Active Woven 9" Men's Shorts 4063697498990

driRelease 8" Men's Training Shorts 4063697177260

AC Milan Replica Men's Football Shorts 4062453353948

Cat Men's Training Shorts 4060979746572
19,95 €
29,95 €

BVB Replica Men's Football Shorts 4062453702098

Last Lap 2-in-1 7" Men's Running Shorts 4062451311872