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The new EA Sports FC Supercup
Gold Special Edition


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Orbita Serie A Training Football 4099684185239 35.00
Orbita Serie A Training Football 4099683454619 35.00

Every player needs a good football to play well on the field. When choosing a football, you have to pay attention to different aspects: weight, shape, size and performance of the ball. In any case, this is what the teams at PUMA do when they develop the Serie A ball. And it is sure to score a lot of goals for one of the best football leagues in the world. But it's not just for professionals. A football that doesn't lose its shape, doesn't deflate, isn't too heavy and can be used in any climate, on any football pitch? For all these reasons, one of the best football leagues in the world chose PUMA to craft their gear. With the official Serie A football between your feet, you'll be ready to step onto the pitch with confidence. There will be no excuse for not scoring. Check out all the Serie A footballs below.

PUMA has manufactured and designed hundreds of balls, so treat yourself to some of the most spectacular designs around.