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PUMA running outfits for men are both performance-driven and comfort focused, making them an ideal choice for everyone from casual runners to marathon champions. Streamlined silhouettes achieve your need for speed, and moisture-wicking technology teamed with well-placed ventilation keeps you comfortable throughout your run. PUMA men's running shorts and men’s running tops are constructed from high-tech fabric with innovative body temperature regulation. Helping to keep you cool during your workout, PUMA running clothes ensure all your valuable energy can be channeled into your performance. The same technology will keep you warm during your recovery, keeping training steady from beginning to end. Wear streamlined men’s running t-shirts with a pair of PUMA men's running trainers to reach a new personal best in style. For runners who prefer short sprints to long-distance events, PUMA men's running spikes are ideally suited to every sprint event and training session, including hurdling. Aerodynamic uppers hug the foot and lock it down, delivering a secure fit that is comfortable too.
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Hooded Men's Running Mid-Layer 4063697430464

Logo Short Sleeve Men's Running Tee 4063697331662

Logo Short Sleeve Men's Running Tee 4063697330795

COOLadapt Short Sleeve Men's Running Tee 4063697421677

COOLadapt Short Sleeve Men's Running Tee 4063697419650

Favourite Split Men's Running Shorts 4063697421042

Scorch Runner Running Shoes 4063697880153

COOLadapt Men's Running Singlet 4063697420168

Woven Tapered Men's Running Pants 4063697422261

COOLadapt Men's Running Singlet 4063697424487

Favourite Woven 7" Session Men's Running Shorts 4063697444188

COOLadapt Ultra Men's Running Jacket 4063697422940

UltraRide Men's Running Shoes 4063697911208

COOLadapt Short Sleeve Men's Running Tee 4063697422117

Graphic Hooded Men's Running Jacket 4063697429741

Woven Tapered Men's Running Pants 4063697421561

COOLadapt Ultra Men's Running Jacket 4063697420984

Favourite Woven 5" Session Men's Running Shorts 4063697464872

Calibrate Kevlar Running Shoes 4063697818682

Graphic Woven 7" Men's Running Shorts 4063697427587

Run Favourite Woven 2-in-1 7" Men's Running Shorts 4063697444416

SPEED Sutamina 2 Men's Running Shoes 4063697893993

Enzo 2 Eco Men's Running Shoes 4063697905597

Enzo Weave Men's Trainers 4059506460234
47,17 €
68,86 €

Enzo Beta Woven Men's Running Shoes 4060979891364

HYBRID Fuego Men's Running Shoes 4060979977471
55,08 €
78,69 €

Flyer Beta Running Shoes 4062453162601