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Casual look, eye-catching colors, classic elegance or modern street style: You'll find more than one favorite within PUMA men's sneakers. And the sneakers do not just look good: The running shoes will boost your performance thanks to smart technologies and the legendary Baskets will turn you into a high-flyer, not just jumping for baskets, but also on the street. The classic PUMA "Formstrip" branding is a timeless eye-catcher on the Basket and the Suede. The classic velour matches every outfit.

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Rider Ride On Trainers 4062451660147
Rider 020 Ride On Trainers 4062451877941
RS-X3 Puzzle Trainers 4062451705565
RS-X3 Puzzle Trainers 4062451708566
RS-X3 Puzzle Trainers 4062451676490
RS-X3 Puzzle Trainers 4062451703349
PUMA x ADER ERROR CGR Trainers 4060981011095 5.0 1 5 1
RS-X Bladerunner Trainers 4060979848757
PUMA x ADER ERROR RS 9.8 Trainers 4060981014720
PUMA x ADER ERROR Roma Trainers 4060981014256
RS-X Hard Drive Trainers 4060979858923 5.0 1 5 1
X-Ray Game Trainers 4062451526863
Pacer Next Trail Trainers 4062451673734
PUMA x SONIC RS-X³ Black Trainers 4062452441783
Smash v2 Trainers 4062451561925
X-Ray Game Trainers 4062451548049
RS-X³ Level Up Trainers 4062452276002
PUMA x ADER ERROR CELL Alien Trainers 4060981016878
LQDCELL Epsilon Trainers 4062451623395
LQDCELL Epsilon Trainers 4062451627973
PUMA x BALMAIN CELL Stellar Trainers 4062449800111
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Clyde Graffiti Trainers 4060981021483
RS 9.8 Trail Running Shoes 4062451690045
X-Ray Trainers 4062451544430
LQDCELL Epsilon Trainers 4062451668068
Roma Classic Venice Beach 4060981057284
Flex Renew Trainers 4062451687861
PUMA x RUBIK'S RS-X³ Trainers 4062452446993
Pacer Next Trail Trainers 4062451689247
X-Ray Trainers 4062451542146
Fast Rider Ride On Trainers 4062451693718
'90s Runner Trainers 4062451658380
Ekstra Trainers 4062451695491
Flex Renew Trainers 4062451671532
X-Ray Trainers 4062451526672
X-Ray Trainers 4062451535858