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Release date: 01.09.2022


Terms and Conditions of the PUMA Online Shop


§ 1 Operator of the PUMA Online Shop and the Validity of these General Terms and Conditions

The operator of the PUMA Online Shop and your contractual partner is PUMA Europe GmbH, PUMA Way 1, 91074 Herzogenaurach, Germany (hereinafter also referred to as “PUMA”, “we” or “our”). Full company information of PUMA can be found in the imprint.

These Terms and Conditions apply to the sale of merchandise on our website (“Site”).

PUMA Online Shop is hosted by:

Demandware, LLC a, inc. company
5 Wall Street
Burlington, MA 01803 United States
E-mail: [email protected]

§ 2 Contract Closure, Governing Language

2.1 Ordering process and contract closure regarding standard products

The presentation of our merchandise on our Site is a binding offer to conclude a contract. Choose the products you want to order by clicking on "Add to bag". This adds your chosen products to your basket. You can access your basket by clicking on the basket symbol on the upper right-hand side of the page (shopping bag). Here, you can change your choice of products any time before submitting your order by changing the number of items or clicking on "Remove" or "Edit" or simply by discontinuing your order. By clicking on "Checkout", you reach the next step of your order.

If you already have a customer account, you can now click the button “Sign in” and log in with your email address and password. If you don’t have a customer account, you may create a new customer account, or you can place an order without a prior registration. If you wish to place an order without creating a customer account first, you need to provide your name and contact details and select a shipping method. Required information is marked with an asterisk (*). Please fill in all the required fields with valid and correct information. If there is a deviating delivery address, this address must also be provided.

Via the button "Continue to payment method", you proceed to the next order step. Here, you can choose from the payment methods available to you. By clicking on "Continue to review & pay", you reach the final step of your order. Now, you can once again review your details and the chosen products as well as submit your binding order by clicking on "Buy Now". If there are any incorrect details, you can still correct them, before you click on “Buy Now”. Please note that you may edit your bag (products, amounts) at any time prior to placing your order by clicking the “Edit” link in the first checkout step.

Clicking the "Buy Now" button at the last stage of the ordering process issues an order for the products you have placed in the shopping bag and the contract is concluded. As soon as your order has been received by us and no later than 48 hours after reception of your order, you will receive an automatically generated order acknowledgement by email.

2.2 Governing language

The local language you chose in the order process is the governing language for your order. You can choose between your local language and English.

2.3 Storage of the contract text

We consider the concluded contract made in writing. We will store the contract text for a period of three years. Following the conclusion of the order process, the customer will receive an email containing the contract text. The customer will not be granted access to the contract text in any other way.

§ 3 End users, Order Volume, technical or typographical errors

PUMA only sells products through its Site to end users for non-commercial purposes. Orders through this Site may only be placed for normal household volumes which may be limited for particular promotions or products. We reserve the right to decline or cancel an order if it exceeds normal household volumes. Pricing on any product(s) as is reflected on the Site may due to technical or typographical errors be incorrectly reflected and in such an event we may cancel such your order(s).

§ 4 Personalized Products

When offered in our Online Shop, you can personalize products to your own preference (“Personalized Products”) in accordance with our Personalization Terms:

Personalization Terms

For jerseys, you can add a name in the text field and any number up to 2 digits in the number field. Please note that some special characters and spaces may not be supported by our system.

You may not use, upload, copy, submit or publish any names or other text which

  • incite violence, are threatening, defamatory, obscene, discriminatory, inflammatory, sexually explicit or otherwise offensive or unlawful;
  • consist of/contain content protected by law, including the name of products, services, companies, organizations or events which belong to a third party;
  • infringe third party trademarks or other intellectual property rights of third parties.

We reserve the right to reject any personalization in whole or in part if they fall into one of the above categories or if we deem it otherwise unacceptable. We may do so directly during the personalization process or following your submission of the order by cancelling your order and providing you with a refund.

By placing your order for your personalized Product, you confirm that any names or text you submit to us do not fall into any of the above categories. You agree to compensate us and our group companies against all costs, expenses, damages, losses and liabilities incurred or suffered by us or our group companies as a result of the use of any names or text used, uploaded, copied, submitted, or otherwise published by you that falls within the above categories.

You grant us and our group companies a non-exclusive worldwide, sub-licensable right to use, reproduce, disclose and modify the names and texts submitted by you for the purposes of carrying out your order.

Please note: our custom jersey tool shows you a digital representation of your requested name/number combination. The image on screen is a preview and merely indicates how the real print may look like. Depending on your computer and browser, it may differ from the original print. Be assured, that the ordered jersey will be true to the original.

§ 5 Delivery, Delivery Charges and Restrictions

Information regarding delivery, charges and restrictions can be found at Delivery.

§ 6 Payment

All prices specified for merchandise on our Site already contain the relevant valid VAT.

We offer the following payment methods:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer (Payment in advance)

Please note that we conduct a risk and fraud assessment in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Depending on the result this assessment, payment methods may be limited.

§ 7 Retention of Title

Until full payment has been received, the merchandise remains our property. This does not apply if your residence or habitual abode is in Hungary, Denmark or Switzerland.

§ 8 Your legal right to cancel our contract

8.1 Legal cancellation right

Notice of cancellation


Right to cancel

You have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days without giving any reason. The cancellation period will expire after 14 days from the day on which you acquire, or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by you acquires, physical possession of the goods. To exercise the right to cancel, you must inform us of your decision to cancel this contract by an unequivocal statement (e.g. a letter sent by post, or e-mail). You may use the attached model cancellation form, but it is not obligatory. To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for you to send your communication concerning your exercise of the right to cancel before the cancellation period has expired.

PUMA Online Shop, Postfach 201101, 48092 Münster, Germany



Service Number


+43 (0) 12 675 375


+32 (0) 2 - 588 68 33


+359 (0) 244 86391


+385 (0) 157 90681

Czech Republic

+420 234 10 21 71


+45 78 77 44 94


+372 6 094 039


+358 (0) 974 79 02 09


+33 (0)1 80 14 45 18


+49 (0) 30 22 38 99 33


+30 211 - 19 83 869


+36 (06) 1 - 84 806 85


+353 (0)1 - 4 37 36 38


+39 06 - 899 705 26


+371 6 765 22 71


+370 (8) 315 28593


+352 20 20 42 36


+31 (0)20 - 26 23 362

Norway +47 (0) 800 10 252


+48 (0) 22 26 398 94


+351 21 - 11 41 349


+40 (0) 031 2295804


+421 (0)2 333 255 13


+386 (0) 1 82 80 203


+34 91 - 13 90 152


+46 (0) 8 - 52 50 99 09


+41 (0) 44 55 10 011

E-Mail: [email protected]

Effects cancellation

If you cancel this contract, we shall reimburse to you all payments received from you, including the costs of delivery (with the exception of the supplementary costs resulting from your choice of a type of delivery other than the least expensive type of standard delivery offered by us), without undue delay and in any event not later than 14 days from the day on which we are informed about your decision to cancel this contract. We will make such reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise; in any event, you will not incur any fees as a result of such reimbursement. We may withhold reimbursement until we have received the goods back or you have supplied evidence of having sent back the goods, whichever is the earliest. You shall send back the goods or hand them over to without undue delay and in any event not later than 14 days from the day on which you communicate your cancellation of this contract to us. The deadline is met if you send back the goods before the period of 14 days has expired. We will bear the cost of returning the goods. You are only liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the handling other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.

You shall return the goods to:


PUMA Online Shop

Stockholmer Allee 1

D-30539 Hannover, Germany



Model Withdrawal Form

PUMA Online Shop, Postfach 201101, 48092 Münster, Germany
E-Mail: [email protected]

I/We (*) hereby give notice that I/We (*) cancel my/our (*) contract of sale of the following goods/for the provision of the following service:
- Ordered on (*) / Received on (*)
- Name of consumer(s):
- Address of consumer(s)
- Signature of consumer(s) (only if this form is notified on paper)
- Date

(*) Delete as appropriate.


The right to cancel the contract does not apply to contracts regarding the delivery of goods which were not prefabricated and if personal choices or instructions of the customer were decisive for the production of such goods or if the goods were clearly tailored to the personal needs of the customer.

8.2 Voluntary returns policy (60 days)

Independent of your legal cancellation right, PUMA voluntarily offers you an additional right to return goods purchased in the PUMA online shop. Therefore, you may return goods without stating any reasons within 60 days from delivery, provided the goods are complete, unused and undamaged. The timely dispatch of the goods is sufficient to meet the deadline. This Return Policy does not apply to Personalized Products as defined in § 4 above.

You shall return the goods to:

PUMA Online Shop

Stockholmer Allee 1

D-30539 Hannover


We will carry out the reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction. In any event, you will not incur any fees as a result of such reimbursement.

You will be reimbursed within 14 days of us receiving the goods.

Your statutory rights, and particularly your legal cancellation right in clause 8.1, remain unaffected by this voluntary returns policy.

§ 9 Your legal rights

Your statutory warranty rights apply to the products you purchase without any limitations.

1. Warranty

In which cases can you exercise your warranty right?

In the event of a defective performance of PUMA, you may enforce a claim against PUMA in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code.

What are your rights under your warranty claim?

You - at your discretion - can use the following warranty claims:

You may request a repair or replacement unless the fulfilment of your choice is impossible or would result in disproportionate expenses to PUMA compared to another claim of you. If you did not request or could not ask for repair or replacement, you may ask for a proportionate reduction in the consideration or you may repair the defect yourself or have it repaired at PUMA’s expense or finally also withdraw from the contract.

You may also switch from your chosen warranty right to another, but you will bear the cost of the switch-over, unless it was justified, or PUMA has given cause to the switch-over.

What is the deadline for enforcing your warranty claim?

You must inform PUMA of the defect immediately after discovering it, but not later than within two months of the discovery. Moreover, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that you may not enforce your warranty rights beyond the two-year limitation period after the performance of the contract.

To whom can you claim your warranty claim?

You can enforce your warranty claims against PUMA.

What other conditions are there for enforcing your warranty rights?

To claim warranty in case of a defect discovered within six months of delivery, there is no other requirement save for informing the company, if you certify that the product or service was provided by PUMA. However, after six months of delivery, you are already required to prove that the defect you discovered existed already at the time of delivery.

2. Product guarantee

In which cases can you exercise your product guarantee rights?

In the event of a defect in a movable object (product), you may - at your discretion - claim the right specified in Section 1 or a product guarantee claim.

What are your rights under your product guarantee claim?

As a product guarantee claim, you may only request the repair or replacement of the defective product.

In which case is the product considered defective?

The product is defective if it does not meet the quality requirements of the product when it is placed on the market, or if it does not have the properties described in PUMA's description.

What is the deadline for enforcing your product guarantee claim?

You may enforce your product guarantee claim within two years of the product being marketed by PUMA. At the end of this period, you cannot claim this right.

To whom and under what other conditions can you claim your product guarantee claim?

You may only exercise your product guarantee claim against PUMA of the movable object. You must prove that the product is defective when claiming product guarantee.

In what case is PUMA exempted from the product guarantee obligation?

PUMA is only exempted from product liability if it can prove that:

  • the product was not manufactured or marketed in the course of its business activity, or
  • the fault was not recognizable at the time of placing on the market, according to the state of the science and technology
  • a product defect results from the application of legislation or mandatory regulatory requirements.

It is sufficient that PUMA proves only one of these reasons to be exempted.

Please note that due to the same defect, you may not enforce warranty and product guarantee claims simultaneously. However, in the event of successful enforcement of your product guarantee claim, you may enforce the warranty claim against the manufacturer on the replaced product or repaired part.

Any claims can be sent to:

PUMA Online Shop, Postfach 201101, 48092 Münster, Germany
Phone: (+36) 01 - 84 806 85, E-Mail: [email protected]


§ 10 Privacy Policy

Any personal data will be kept strictly confidential in accordance with applicable Data Protection legislation. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information on data protection. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of these Terms and Conditions.

§ 11 Governing Law

German law applies subject to any mandatory provisions of the applicable law of your place of residence. The UN convention is excluded.

§ 12 Codices

PUMA does not submit itself to a code of conduct.

§ 13 Online Dispute Resolution Platform

The European Commission provides an online dispute resolution platform, which can be found at Puma Europe GmbH is not obliged and willing to participate in dispute settlement proceedings before this consumer arbitration board.

You have also the right to turn to the Arbitration Board attached to the Budapest Chamber of Industry and Commerce in case of a consumer dispute. The competence of the arbitration board shall cover the settlement of consumer disputes out of court. To this end, the arbitration board’s responsibilities shall include to attempt to reach a conciliation agreement for the settlement of the dispute or, failing this, to adopt a decision in the case to enforce consumer rights simply, efficiently and practically and under the principle of cost-efficiency. The arbitration board shall provide advice upon the consumer’s or the business entity’s request on the rights and obligations of the consumer.

In connection with cross-border consumer disputes concerning online sales or online service contracts the Arbitration Board attached to the Budapest Chamber of Industry and Commerce has exclusive jurisdiction:

seat: 1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99,
postal address: 1253 Budapest, Pf.: 10.
phone: 06-1-488-2131
e-mail: [email protected]