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Designed for style, engineered for performance and built for your lifestyle, PUMA men's trainers will become your new go-to shoe for both your workout wardrobe and your laid-back, streetstyle look. Running shoes for men can be ultra-versatile, and PUMA men’s sport shoes will take you from your desk to the gym, and from the gym to casual dinners with ease. Whether you’re exercising or preparing for a day of running errands, your comfort and style is a priority. PUMA men's fashion sneakers (trainers) are made from lightweight, ultra-breathable materials and take inspiration from the classic trainer design trends for men of the 80s and 90s. Shock-absorbing and highly cushioned midsoles deliver optimal support during high-impact exercise sessions. Durable outsoles provide traction and a superior grip, while padded uppers offer comfort all day long. With lo-top and hi-top silhouettes available in a variety of classic and retro-inspired colour combinations, finding your perfect fit and style is a breeze.
  • Black (334)
  • gray (100)
  • metallic (2)
  • Brown (1)
  • Blue (65)
  • Green (12)
  • Orange (18)
  • tan (18)
  • Yellow (30)
  • Red (28)
  • Purple (10)
  • Pink (18)
  • White (358)
  • multi-colored (21)

Future Rider Plum Trainers 4064533047525

PUMA x MAISON KITSUNÉ Ralph Sampson 70 Trainers 4063697613447

PUMA x EARTHBREAK Mirage OG Trainers 4063697681583

PUMA x MAISON KITSUNÉ Roma Trainers 4063697584471

PUMA x EARTHBREAK Mirage Mox Trainers 4063697567849

PUMA x MR DOODLE Future Rider Trainers 4063697567610

Style Rider Trainers 4063697648807
38.990,00 Ft

Future Rider Icons Trainers 4063697559882

Future Rider Icons Trainers 4063697552753

Future Rider Double Trainers 4063697588271

Ralph Sampson 70 Low Archive Trainers 4063697677531

Mirage Tech Trainers 4063697568778
34.990,00 Ft

PUMA x MAISON KITSUNÉ Ralph Sampson 70 Trainers 4063697665101

Oslo Vulcanised Canvas Trainers 4063697636880

PUMA x MR DOODLE Ralph Sampson Trainers 4063697596795

RS-Fast Mix Trainers 4063697660854
37.990,00 Ft

RS-Connect Lazer Trainers 4063697674950

Ralph Sampson 70 Low Archive Trainers 4063697641464

RS-Fast Mix Trainers 4063697614536
37.990,00 Ft

PUMA x MAISON KITSUNÉ Ralph Sampson 70 Mid Trainers 4063697558748

Oslo Vulcanised Canvas Trainers 4063697627970

Mirage Tech Trainers 4063698189163
34.990,00 Ft

RS-Connect Lazer Trainers 4063697663244