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PUMA Boys' AOP Boxer 2 Pack 8720245256292 15.00
PUMA Boys' Basic Boxer 2 Pack 8720245232159 14.00
PUMA STRONG Youth Bra 4099686792237 25.00
PUMA STRONG Youth Bra 4067981075294 25.00
PUMA STRONG Youth Bra 4099686719814 25.00

From an early age, little ones want to dress up and run around. Their most important mission is to find their own style and feel safe expressing themselves. Lucky for them, all of PUMA children's clothing range is designed for them to pick different pieces and create unique outfits every day. Before they get dressed to impress, the youngsters need a basic piece of clothing that will set the tone for the rest of their day: quality kids’ underwear. It’s true, the importance of comfort should not be underestimated. It’s the key to self-confidence. Comfortable clothes allow them to explore the world in the best possible way. That's why PUMA wants to give parents lots of options when it comes to choosing children’s underwear.

How many models and styles of boxershorts can you name? Whatever the number, you’re about to discover a lot more options with our selection. The best part is, they come in all shapes and sizes so everyone can feel comfortable in their own skin. As for the colours of these kids’ underwear, there’s the classic monochrome options as well as boxer shorts and briefs in bright and fun colours. Need we say more? They are comfortable to wear, easy to wash, and you’ll feel confident with them on. Pack a pair in overnight bags for parties and sleepovers. Check them out now and chose a few of these sets for your little one. For more comfort, feel free to explore PUMA's selection of socks: dozens of styles that'll fit their little feet. Whether it's sweatshirts and hoodies, t-shirts or even shoes for the youngest, style starts young.