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Parents know it better than anyone else: young people love to play rough and when they choose to play sports, they need the right apparel to get back on the pitch and practice after every game. PUMA has designed football clothes for kids precisely with that in mind. Comfortable and breathable pieces that will keep them dry so they can run towards the goal regardless of the weather. With a football training set for kids, parents are sure never to let their youngsters go to practice with an empty kit bag again. Equip them with sneakers and sport socks made for young people, an essential for the new generation to feel comfortable as they explore, trip, or slide across the grass.

PUMA is the obvious choice when you´re about to stock up on football outfits for kids. For optimal functionality, PUMA's sweatshorts for children are designed to be durable and breathable so they can focus on having fun on the pitch. And sweatshirts for youngsters are designed to keep warm before, during and after the game. It’s a fact of nature, exercise makes you sweat, which is why it’s essential for young athletes and team players to be dressed for the weather. Look out for a kids’ football jersey, made with breathable material and some special editions so they can wear their favourite player’s number. Get everyone dressed and ready to play with football clothes for youngsters.