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Whether you want to dial up your look, or keep things low key, the latest women’s fashion hats by PUMA have something to finish off every outfit. Our full range of women’s caps ensures that PUMA accessories are perfect go-to exercise partners. Trail caps are designed with performance in mind, with moisture-wicking sweatbands to keep you dry, and mesh panels for maximum breathability. Running caps offer protection from the sun, draw sweat away from your eyes during exercise, and are designed with integrated, embroidered eyelets for additional ventilation. The laidback nature of PUMA women’s beanie hats adds a dressed down vibe to athletic outfits. With a fold up brim and a relaxed silhouette, our beanies will help you stay warm in style, all year round. PUMA’s women’s hat range includes on-trend bucket hats and sleek visors to protect you from the sun. With classic block colours, rainbow hues, and myriad contemporary prints and patterns, you’re sure to find something to complete workout, athleisure or weekend looks.
  • Black (71)
  • gray (9)
  • Brown (2)
  • Blue (21)
  • Green (4)
  • Orange (1)
  • tan (3)
  • Red (10)
  • Purple (2)
  • Pink (6)
  • White (14)
  • multi-colored (1)

PUMA x MR DOODLE Cap 4063698076098

PUMA x MAISON KITSUNÉ Cap 4063698076135

RE.GEN Deconstructed Cap 4063698496162

RE.GEN Short Visor Cap 4063698496155

Neymar Jr Baseball Cap 4064533276116

Neymar Jr Flatbrim Cap 4064533508439

Metal Cat Cap 4063697988125
499,00 Kč

PUMA x CLOUD9 Cap 4063698389419
699,00 Kč

PUMA x NEMEN Tech Cap 4063698396745
1.399,00 Kč

PUMA x NEMEN Cap 4063698170383
1.399,00 Kč

PUMA x NEMEN Cap 4063698170390
1.399,00 Kč

PUMA x FIRST MILE Training Cap 4063697988132

PUMA x FIRST MILE Training Cap 4063697988163

Scuderia Ferrari Replica Carlos Sainz Low Curve Cap 4063698677554

Rudolf Dassler Legacy Cap 4063698141079

Rudolf Dassler Legacy Cap 4063698141086

Player Low Curve Basketball Cap 4063698359757

Infuse Women's Baseball Cap 4063698170314

Mirage Cap 4063697988491
599,00 Kč

PUMA x MICHAEL LAU Big Cap 4063698076203

PUMA x MICHAEL LAU Big Cap 4063698076197

Essentials Cap 4063697986688
349,00 Kč

Essentials Cap 4063697986305
349,00 Kč

Essentials Cap 4063697986381
349,00 Kč

Military Cap 4063697987777
499,00 Kč

Short Visor Cap 4063697987876
599,00 Kč

Flat Brim Cap 4063697988576
499,00 Kč

Flat Brim Cap 4063697988651
499,00 Kč

Colour Block Cap 4063697987739
699,00 Kč

Colour Block Cap 4063697988101
699,00 Kč

Colour Block Cap 4063697988422
699,00 Kč

Style Baseball Cap 4063697988323
599,00 Kč

Style Baseball Cap 4063697988538
599,00 Kč

Trucker Snapback Cap 4062453783424

Trucker Snapback Cap 4063697988583

Archive Low Curve Cap 4063697988071