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In summer and on the beach, sandals for men by PUMA are essential. Even with little leather on your feet, the airy models show off your style. The PUMA men's bath shoes, with their soft footbed and upper materials, have the potential to be your favourites on a hot day; you won't want to take them off. Be inspired by men's sandals in bright colours and classy designs.

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PUMA x DIAMOND Leadcat Sandals 4060978521484
1.109,00 Kč 1.599,00 Kč
Suede Leadcat 4060978929822
759,00 Kč 1.099,00 Kč
Epic Flip v2 Sandals 4056206346202
379,00 Kč 549,00 Kč
Epic Flip v2 Sandals 4056204931240
300,00 Kč 549,00 Kč
Epic Flip v2 Sandals 4059505074449
300,00 Kč 549,00 Kč
Popcat Sandals 4056206346653
599,00 Kč
Leadcat Sandals 4056204925621
Suede Leadcat 4060981908678
1.099,00 Kč
Cosy Flip Sandals 4060981909316
599,00 Kč
Leadcat Sandals 4060981910497
Suede Leadcat 4059505029098
1.099,00 Kč
Leadcat Sandals 4060981908265