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The PUMA essentials collection features tops and bottoms for girls and boys of any age. Depending on the season and the weather, there are different basics to choose from. On cooler days, comfy kids´ hoodies and warm trainings jackets are perfect, especially in combination with sweatpants or leggings. Your go-to option for warmer days are a pair of shorts and a stylish kids´ shirt. These must-haves for boys and girls alike can be worn at home, during free time or at school. Browse the collection and stock up on wardrobe basics for kids now.
  • Black (13)
  • gray (6)
  • Blue (5)
  • Pink (8)
  • White (5)

37 (37)

Essentials Boys' Tee 4059506988486

Essentials+ Girls' Tee 4062453489517

Essentials Boys' Tee 4059506623844

Essentials Boys' Tee 4059506622304
329,00 Kč
379,00 Kč

Essentials+ Girls' Tee 4062451360542

Essentials+ Girls' Tee 4062451356071

Essentials Girls' Tee 4062453605160

Essentials Boys' Tee 4060978195845

Essentials+ Girls' Tee 4062453490988

Classics Short Sleeve Youth Tee 4062453442680
289,00 Kč
599,00 Kč

Essentials+ Girls' Tee 4062453490216

Essentials Hooded Boys' Jacket 4059506634673

Essentials Hooded Boys' Jacket 4059506633850

Essentials+ Hooded Girls' Sweat Jacket 4062453487810

Classics Youth Hoodie 4062453477637
1.199,00 Kč

Classics Candy Youth Crew Tee 4062453434180

Essentials Girls' Hoodie 4059506614873

Iconic MCS Youth Hoodie 4062453477330

Essentials+ Girls' Hoodie 4062453416162
619,00 Kč
899,00 Kč

Essentials+ Hooded Girls' Sweat Jacket 4062453490254

Essentials Hooded Boys' Jacket 4059506633706

Classics T7 Youth Track Jacket 4062453558763

Iconic T7 Youth Track Jacket 4062453476708

Classics T7 Youth Track Jacket 4062453559623

Iconic MCS Youth Track Jacket 4062453479884
899,00 Kč
1.299,00 Kč

Essentials Boys' Sweatpants 4060979133259

Essentials Boys' Sweatpants 4059506642722

Essentials Woven Boys' Track Pants 4059506635106

Essentials Boys' Sweatpants 4059506642630

Essentials Girls' Leggings 4059506599590
339,00 Kč
499,00 Kč

Iconic T7 Youth Track Pants 4062453478535

Classics T7 Youth Sweatpants 4062453562579

Essentials+ Logo Youth Leggings 4062453488824

Essentials Girls Graphic Leggings 4060978207456

Essentials Girls' Sweatpants 4059506615009
549,00 Kč
799,00 Kč

Essentials Boys' Sweatpants 4059507937209