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Casual look, eye-catching colors, classic elegance or modern street style: You'll find more than one favorite within PUMA men's sneakers. And the sneakers do not just look good: The running shoes will boost your performance thanks to smart technologies and the legendary Baskets will turn you into a high-flyer, not just jumping for baskets, but also on the street. The classic PUMA "Formstrip" branding is a timeless eye-catcher on the Basket and the Suede. The classic velour matches every outfit.

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PUMA x BALMAIN CELL Stellar Trainers 4062449800173
PUMA x SONIC RS-X³ Black Trainers 4062452441769
RS-X3 Puzzle Trainers 4062451705565
RS-X3 Puzzle Trainers 4062451676490
RS-X3 Puzzle Trainers 4062451708573
RS-X3 Puzzle Trainers 4062451703295
RS-X3 Puzzle Trainers 4062451689865
RS-X3 Puzzle Trainers 4062452147418
RS-X3 Puzzle Trainers 4062452146985
PUMA x ADER ERROR RS 9.8 Trainers 4060981014379
PUMA x ADER ERROR CGR Trainers 4060981011095
PUMA x ADER ERROR Roma Trainers 4060981014461
PUMA x ADER ERROR CELL Alien Trainers 4060981016878
PUMA x JAHNKOY Alteration Sneakers 4062451911775
PUMA x JAHNKOY RS-X Sneakers 4062451912130
PUMA x TETRIS RS 9.8 Trainers 4062451970338
PUMA x TETRIS RS-X Trainers 4062451958473
Ralph Sampson Lo Wild Trainers 4060981094722
RS-X Bladerunner Trainers 4060979848290
RS-X Hard Drive Trainers 4060979858770 5.0 1 5 1
RS-X³ Level Up Trainers 4062452276040
X-Ray Game Trainers 4062451527068
RS-X Winterised Trainers 4060979851030
X-Ray Game Trainers 4062451548049
Pacer Next Trail Trainers 4062451673963
LQDCELL Epsilon Trainers 4062451623395
RS 9.8 Trail Running Shoes 4062451689834
Clyde Graffiti Trainers 4060981021483
LQDCELL Epsilon Trainers 4062451627867
Pacer Next Trail Trainers 4062451679224
RS 9.8 Trail Running Shoes 4062451679422
Pacer Next Trail Trainers 4062451689469
LQDCELL Epsilon Trainers 4062451668532
Roma Classic Venice Beach 4060981057338
RS 9.8 Earth Trainers 4060981871811
Source Mid Trainers 4060979865822