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Women’s Fashion Slides and Sandals

Slide into summer style, with PUMA’s latest collection of women’s fashion slides and sandals. Designed to fit seamlessly into an active lifestyle, PUMA women’s sandals deliver comfort, while complementing your everyday look. From sporty sliders to sleek ladies’ fashion sandals, our summer footwear collection is available in chic monochrome tones and bold colours, covering the entire spectrum of colours from white to black. Made from breathable materials and innovative cushioned footbeds, PUMA women’s slides and sandals are durable, easy to wear and super supportive. Rubber outer soles deliver traction while soft straps provide additional support and comfort. Whether you’re heading to the beach, going to a laid-back dinner with friends, or running errands, PUMA fashion sandals and slides add a touch of style and fun to every ensemble. From retro-inspired silhouettes to contemporary sports-luxe-inspired chunky straps, our women’s fashion sandals have unique design flourishes that make showing off summer style a breeze. Finding your perfect pair of PUMAs has never been so simple.
  • Black (13)
  • Blue (3)
  • tan (1)
  • Red (1)
  • Purple (1)
  • Pink (4)
  • White (6)
  • multi-colored (3)

Women’s Fashion Slides and Sandals
32 (32)

BMW M Motorsport Graphic Leadcat Sandals 4063697794078

Mercedes F1 Graphic Leadcat FTR Sandals 4063697769106

Leadcat FTR Mono Sandals 4063697662148

Leadcat FTR Valentine's Women's Sandals 4063697666559

First Flip Women's Sandals 4056204932148
8,45 €
12,50 €

Royalcat Comfort Sandals 4062451855758

Leadcat FTR Mono Sandals 4063697635661

RS Sandals 4063697696716
90,00 €

Mirage Mox Sandals 4063697630468
70,00 €

Porsche Legacy Leadcat FTR Graphic Sandals 4063697601802

Platform Suede Women's Sandals 4063697623484

Popcat 20 Women's Sandals 4062452988370

Popcat 20 Untamed Women's Sandals 4063697677975

Leadcat FTR Sandals 4062451822828

Cosy Women's Sandals 4063697663084

Cosy Untamed Women's Sandals 4063697683334

Royalcat Comfort Sandals 4062451835279

Epic Flip v2 Sandals 4062453182678
12,45 €
18,00 €

SOFTRIDE Sandals 4063697624108
50,00 €

Mirage Mox Sandals 4063697657816
70,00 €

Leadcat FTR Sandals 4063697733060

Cosy Women's Sandals 4063697669253

Epic Flip v2 Sandals 4062451795221

Popcat Women's Slide Sandals 4059506112386

Platform Suede Women's Sandals 4063697630413

SOFTRIDE Sandals 4063697672390
50,00 €

Leadcat FTR Suede Classic Sandals 4062451813567