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PUMA's running shoes for men take your running to a whole new level: Subtle colours or brightly coloured designs that stand out on the running track meet high stability and soft, breathable upper materials. As hybrid shoes away from the running track, the cool men's sneakers perfectly complement your casual streetwear outfit. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology in the sole area of the running shoes for men, you can enjoy perfect cushioning and energy return. Details like the PUMA logo radiate energy and keep you highly motivated all the way to the finish.

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Carson 2 Concave Men's Trainers 4060978997852
Carson 2 Concave Men's Trainers 4060979925625
HYBRID Sky Men's Running Shoes 4060981031710
HYBRID NETFIT Astro Men's Running Shoes 4060979947573
HYBRID Sky Men's Running Shoes 4060981032380
SPEED SUTAMINA Running Shoes 4060978776365
SPEED SUTAMINA Running Shoes 4060978776556
SPEED SUTAMINA Running Shoes 4060978775825
Carson 2 New Core Men’s Running Shoes 4060978916242
IGNITE Flash evoKNIT Men's Training Shoes 4059504785735
LQDCELL Optic Sheer Training Shoes 4015268606716 5.0 1 5 1
NRGY Neko Knit Men's Running Shoes 4060979873988
Hybrid Runner Men’s Running Shoes 4060978903143 5.0 1 5 1
NRGY Star Knit Trainers 4060981017998
Enzo Sport Men's Trainers 4060981066699
LQDCELL Optic Flight Suit Men's Running Shoes 4060979987258
Get Fast 7" Woven Men's Running Shorts 4060981274179
IGNITE Woven Men's Training Shorts 4060979132962
IGNITE Flash FS Men's Running Shoes 4060979894037
CELL Phase Lights Men's Running Shoes 4060979967243
IGNITE Long Sleeve Men's Tee 4060979132818
Rogue X Knit Men's Trainers 4060979947986
Running Mobile Armband 4060981731801
16,00 € 23,00 €
HYBRID SPEED Orbiter Men's Running Shoes 4060981128083
SPEED FUSEFIT Men’s Running Shoes 4060978842343
Running Phone Arm Pocket 4060981730569
17,50 € 25,00 €
NRGY Neko Lights Men's Running Shoes 4060979970663
Performance Stretchfit Running Cap 4060981735069
IGNITE Flash FS Men's Running Shoes 4060979884663
Reflective Running Beanie 4059506125362
CELL Phase Men's Running Trainers 4060979962798
Running Arm Pocket 4060981732136
12,50 € 18,00 €
NRGY Star Knit Trainers 4060981017615
Hybrid Rocket Runner Men’s Running Shoes 4060978919670
SPEED FUSEFIT Men’s Running Shoes 4060979900400
Enzo Sport Men's Trainers 4060981066637