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"“I CHOOSE YOU!” The things we loved as kids have come back into fashion for a new generation to enjoy. PUMA x POKÉMON is a lifestyle collection inspired by the original cartoon that is designed to bring everyone joy with bright and soft colours. The Pokémon clothes have details which honour the original cartoon and video game, including the quotes that made the story of a friendship between kids in Japan and their pocket monsters iconic. The colours on the PUMA x POKÉMON tops, shirts, accessories and more are playful and original, so you never have to face a boring outfit day ever again. Mix and match to catch everyone’s attention, and you’ll find that your friends and family won’t be able to take their eyes off your new hoodie.

A PUMA collection is never complete without legendary shoe models and there is no exception here: check out your favourite models in unique colours as they are tagged with icons of the Japanese franchise. Did we mention the bags? There’s a Pokémon shirt or top for every occasion, but you also need to carry your Pokéball and all your essentials: pick a bag from the collection to start filling it with everything you need for a day out and about. The new PUMA x POKÉMON collection is ready for battle, so choose wisely (or don’t): find the pieces that make your inner child go “woah!” and create a new look to amaze everyone. Explore Pokémon outfit options now."