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Women´s Essentials

With PUMA women's essentials, your workout will become a successful part of your weekly routine. From simple shirts to leggings, pullovers and hoodies, a solid selection of fitness clothing will help you to fully concentrate on your workout. So you don´t need to worry about how to combine your outfit to feel comfortable and confident. PUMA women´s hoodies are available in a variety of fits, ranging from ultra-loose to super-fitted. Ribbed cuffs and stretchable hems ensure maximum comfort and effortlessly accompany you to the gym and back again. At PUMA you will find a large and varied selection of must-haves including tank tops and shirts that you can wear during training and in your free time. PUMA leggings and shorts have an elastic waistband for maximum comfort and lots of pockets that ensure that you never have to go without your most important training accessories. Perfectly fitting PUMA dresses and skirts spread a relaxed vibe and give every outfit a touch of sportiness. Together with white running shoes and a light jacket for a casual look, they accompany you to various occasions and events. Get started and shop PUMA´s essentials for women now.
  • Black (12)
  • gray (8)
  • Blue (3)
  • Pink (2)
  • White (7)

Essentials+ Metallic Women's Tee 4062453512093

Essentials Women's Tee 4062453508324

Essentials+ Metallic Women's Tee 4062453511300

Essentials+ Metallic Women's Tee 4062453510754

Essentials+ Metallic Women's Tee 4062451358242

Essentials+ Metallic Women's Tee 4062453511409

Women's Cropped Logo T-Shirt 4062451081621

Essentials Women's Tee 4059506807541

Essentials Women's Tee 4059506808234

Essentials Women's Tee 4059506807848

Women's Cropped Logo T-Shirt 4059506863004

Women's Cropped Logo T-Shirt 4059506863868

Essentials Fleece Women's Hoodie 4059506766817
29,95 €
43,00 €

Essentials Fleece Women's Hoodie 4059506766718

Elevated Essentials Cropped Women's Hoodie 4062453425355

Elevated Essentials Cropped Women's Hoodie 4060981381495

Elevated Essentials Cropped Women's Hoodie 4060981382232

Essentials Fleece Women's Pants 4059506778049
27,95 €
40,00 €

Essential Knitted Women's Sweatpants 4059506778827

Women's Essentials Logo Leggings 4059506775390
13,95 €
20,00 €

Women's Essentials Logo Leggings 4059506775826
17,45 €
25,00 €

Women's Essentials Logo Leggings 4059506776014
17,45 €
25,00 €

Essentials+ Half Zip Women's Dress 4062453513694

Unisex Quarter Plain Socks 3 pack 8718824384801

Unisex Plain Sneaker Socks 3 pack 8718824311111

Unisex Plain Sneaker Socks 3 pack 8718824271170

Unisex Quarter Plain Socks 3 pack 8718824394602

Unisex Quarter Plain Socks 3 pack 8718824394565

Unisex Plain Sneaker Socks 3 pack 8718824270838

Unisex Plain Sneaker Socks 3 pack 8718824270753

Unisex Footie 3 pack 8718824364650

Unisex Footie 3 pack 8718824364629