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PUMA's designers understand the importance of having clothes that match your child's personality - and many kids are budding entomologists. Plus, there is nothing cuter than a child watching butterflies. Whether you like them or not, you have to admit little bugs have certain qualities and it's not for nothing that our children love them. They are cute and full of energy. So it was time to give them a nod with a collection inspired by insects. Small World is a playful, cute collection inspired by bugs, the tiniest things in nature. With textured executions, 3D embellishments, and comfy fits, these adorable outfits are ready for tiny trendsetters.

Are you looking for that perfect wardrobe addition that will add a dash of style to your child’s outfits? If your son or daughter loves bugs, you have the opportunity to dress him or her with the coolest clothes. Small World is the ultimate cute range of clothing for kids. You'll find unique teeshirts, sweatpants, tops, caps, beanies and more in this apparel and accessories collection for the little ones.