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PUMA Kids' Invisible Socks 3 Pack 8718824618005 7.00
PUMA Kids' Invisible Socks 3 Pack 8718824901268 8.00
PUMA Kids' Invisible Socks 3 Pack 8720245486217 7.00
PUMA Kids' Quarter Socks 3 Pack 8718824618456 7.00
PUMA Kids' Quarter Socks 3 Pack 8718824618609 6.00
PUMA Kids' BWT Sneaker - Trainer Socks 3 Pack 8720245032315 9.00
PUMA Kids BWT Sneaker Socks 6 pack 8720245311700 16.00
PUMA Kids BWT Sneaker Socks 6 pack 8720245311755 16.00
PUMA Kids' Sneaker Socks 2 Pack 8720245425025 7.00
PUMA Kids' Sneaker Socks 2 Pack 8720245425063 7.00

Face the facts: it’s tough to beat the joy of seeing kids learn to do new things. With learning comes a lot of tripping and sliding, and that’s when clothes get the short end of the stick. Fortunately, kPUMA's clothes and shoes for young people have the answer to all your fashion woes: sleek designs made with soft fabric, meant to keep youngsters looking great no matter where they go. If there’s one thing you need to rely on, it’s kids’ socks. PUMA provides dozens of pairs for different activities and in different colours. You are sure to find something that fits your child perfectly. What you wear on your feet makes a difference, especially when you’re young and need well-fitting footwear. This selection of sports socks for kids is full of styles and patterns to boost your little one’s confidence, and to appease parents’ conscience. It means they are not only stylish and fun: they're perfect for keeping feet comfortable and warm during cold days.

Socks that are made for kids, by PUMA, include all kinds of designs to suit every need: get ones for sneakers, make good choices for sports and tennis, and accessories your children’s outfits with long socks or light, subtle ones to wear with low-ankle shoes or flats. Take a look at our wide-spanning range of accessories, there’s something for every age range and gender. Shop for your baby or toddler and explore our more gender-specific products when they get older. Check out the cutest styles and designs, and feel free to discover children's underwear while you're here while you´re here. PUMA gives everything so that you can equip your daughter or son with the softest and most comfortable items.