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Sports Watches for Women

Prioritising style and sports-focused functionality, PUMA smartwatches for women are designed to fit your wrist and your lifestyle. Our collection includes everything from watches with super sleek interfaces, to retro-inspired silhouettes with a contemporary edge and the latest features you need for training. It also includes stylish ultra-slim watches that adapt to the shape of your wrist. Whether you’re going to the gym, working out at the track, or running weekend errands, these fresh patterns and shiny metallic accents will elevate your look. PUMA’s digital fashion watches for women are equipped with a full range of features, including fitness trackers and weather updates. Customisable interfaces allow you to set training goals and connect to your smartphone for activity data, music and more. Water-resistant builds offer protection from rain and sweat, and textured silicone straps provide maximum grip and breathability. Offering you a new way to train, PUMA ladies sports watches deliver everything you need, right at your fingertips.
  • Black (5)
  • gray (1)
  • Green (1)
  • Yellow (2)
  • White (3)
  • multi-colored (1)

PUMA Smartwatch 4013496851502
279,00 €

REMIX Stainless Steel Unisex Watch 4531293000959

PUMA Smartwatch 4013496851496
279,00 €

PUMA Smartwatch 4013496851519
279,00 €

Special Edition Forever Faster Polyurethane Unisex Watch 4064092003413

REMIX Unisex Watch 4531293000980
89,00 €

REMIX Unisex Digital Watch 4013496596830

Special Edition PUMA Silicone Apple Watch® Band 4531293115738

PUMA Polyurethane Apple Watch® Case 4531293083211

Special Edition Forever Faster Polyurethane Unisex Watch 4064092003406

Reset Polyurethane V2 Women's Watch 4013496512007

Reset Stainless Steel V1 Women's Watch 4013496511949

Reset Polyurethane V2 Women's Watch 4013496512014