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From simple yet elegant fashion watches for men, to styles that benefit from the latest performance-monitoring technology, a sports-focused PUMA watch will complete your workout outfits with ease. Throw it back to the best of late 80s fashion with an oversized face to make an instant statement. Functionality is as important as aesthetics, with three hand movements allowing for accurate timekeeping, and in-built water resistance giving protection from splashes of rain. PUMA digital watches for men take it one step further and effortlessly fuse modern streetstyle with retro tech. Select a chunky square style with a stainless steel link bracelet for the ultimate 90s silhouette. In addition to silicone straps that deliver breathability and grip, a customisable touch screen allows you to monitor activity, track your progress and set training goals. Our colourful displays are water resistant and withstand being submerged during swimming.
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BOLD DIGITAL Men's Watch 4531293005886

Reset Stainless Steel V1 Men's Watch 4013496511833

BOLD DIGITAL Men's Watch 4531293005916

REMIX Stainless Steel Unisex Watch 4531293000959

Reset Polyurethane Men's Watch 4531293076213

Special Edition Forever Faster Polyurethane Unisex Watch 4064092003413

REMIX Unisex Digital Watch 4013496596830

Special Edition Forever Faster Polyurethane Unisex Watch 4064092003406

PUMA Polyurethane Apple Watch® Case 4531293083211

Special Edition PUMA Silicone Apple Watch® Band 4531293115738

REMIX Unisex Watch 4531293000980
89,00 €

BOLD DIGITAL Men's Watch 4531293005909

Reset Polyurethane V2 Men's Watch 4013496511888

Reset Stainless Steel V1 Men's Watch 4013496511840

Reset Polyurethane V2 Men's Watch 4013496513974