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Men`s Classics

What makes a classic a classic? Best quality, exceptional design and that certain something. PUMA classics for men have all of these things. These include, above all, stylish men's sneakers, keeping you well dressed both for sports and your active day-to-day life. The classic among the sneakers is of course the PUMA Suede. The shoes of this model series have been cult for over 50 years. Combine the footwear with a classic PUMA shirt and sweatpants and you´ll have a great classic PUMA outfit for men that you can wear for every occasion. Find your favourites now.
  • Black (24)
  • gray (7)
  • Brown (1)
  • Blue (4)
  • Green (2)
  • Orange (1)
  • Red (7)
  • Pink (2)
  • White (47)

Iconic T7 Knitted Men's Track Pants 4060981525028

Iconic T7 Knitted Men's Track Pants 4062451097387

Iconic T7 Knitted Men's Track Pants 4060981524861

Iconic T7 Men's Track Jacket 4060981519973

Iconic T7 Men's Track Jacket 4062451100018

Iconic T7 Men's Track Jacket 4060981519324

Ralph Sampson Lo Perf Colour Trainers 4063697722149

Ralph Sampson Lo Perf Colour Trainers 4063697687950

Roma Basic Trainers 4051909286121

Ralph Sampson Mid Trainers 4063697768826

Classics Graphic Logo Men's Tee 4062453445964
19,95 €
30,00 €

Classics Logo Men's Tee 4062449868739
19,45 €
28,00 €

Suede Classic XXI Trainers 4063697723184

Suede Classic XXI Trainers 4063697641983

Suede Classic XXI Trainers 4063697974807

Suede Classic XXI Trainers 4063697703353

Suede Classic XXI Trainers 4063697699069

Suede Classic XXI Trainers 4063697679900

Suede Classic XXI Trainers 4063697698451

Suede Classic XXI Trainers 4063697708426

Suede VTG Trainers 4063697651968
90,00 €

Suede VTG Trainers 4063697637481
90,00 €

Iconic T7 Men's Tee 4060981531326

Iconic T7 Men's Tee 4060981532002

Suede Classic XXI Trainers 4063697704237

CA Pro Heritage Trainers 4063698104586