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PUMA EVOSTRIPE SQUARE 8056376412680 99.00
Running Performance Sunglasses 8056376441376 159.00
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Running Lite Sunglasses 8056376441420 119.00
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Running Performance Sunglasses 8056376441383 159.00
Running Performance Sunglasses 8056376441369 159.00
Running Performance Sunglasses 8056376441352 139.00
A must have accessory for every athlete, PUMA women’s sports sunglasses are designed to be lightweight, durable and ultra-comfortable. From super streamlined designs to angular, rectangular silhouettes and oversized statement frames, PUMA sunglasses will see you through desk-to-gym situations and become your favourite weekend accessory. Featuring padded nose bridges and rubber temples for the most comfortable fit on your nose and behind your ears, PUMA women’s sports shades are both fashionable and functional. Of course PUMA leads in fashion as well as performance, and this collection of retro-inspired women’s fashion sunglasses is perfect for so many occasions. Fashion sunglasses for women can have a distinctive athleisure vibe, and PUMA lenses are tinted in a variety of colours to deliver sun protection and complete your laid-back look. Polarised sunglasses for women will keep you feeling fierce through the toughest of workouts, and give you extra confidence for your fitness milestones. Keep your PUMA women’s shades within easy reach to stay sporty, sophisticated and super cool.