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As the days are getting colder and darker, you will want to make sure that your kids stay warm. PUMA winter clothes for kids protect them from icy temperatures and inconsistent winter weather when playing outside. Warm kids clothes essentials like hoodies and sweaters can be combined with a trendy kids winter jacket and warm sweatpants. Running around in the cold does not seem to be that cold anymore when wearing PUMA winter clothes for kids. And to keep the feet warm, kids winter boots are the perfect fit. Prepare your children for the cold season with PUMA winter boots and clothes now.
  • Black (18)
  • gray (10)
  • Blue (6)
  • Pink (6)
  • White (2)

42 (42)

Minicats Padded Infant Jacket 4060981372608
8.890,00 Ft
17.990,00 Ft

Essentials Boys' Sweatpants 4059507937209

Tapered Kids' Sweatpants 4063696898821
9.690,00 Ft
13.990,00 Ft

Crew Neck Kids' Sweater 4063696898630
9.690,00 Ft
13.990,00 Ft

Crew Neck Kids' Sweater 4063696898685
9.690,00 Ft
13.990,00 Ft

Essentials Boys' Sweatpants 4060979133259

Vikky v2 Mid Fur V Kids' Trainers 4062452940040

Vikky v2 Mid Fur V Kids' Trainers 4062452928888

Vikky v2 Mid Fur Youth Trainers 4062452937118

Vikky v2 Mid Fur Youth Trainers 4062452929595

Smash V2 Mid Fur Youth Trainers 4062453155238
13.890,00 Ft
19.990,00 Ft

Smash V2 Mid Fur V Babies' Trainers 4062453131102

Rebound Lay-Up Fur V Kids' Trainers 4062452942501

Essentials Padded Youth Jacket 4062453347022
15.290,00 Ft
21.990,00 Ft

Amplified Full Zip Youth Hoodie 4062453722614

Essentials Padded Youth Jacket 4062453341372
15.290,00 Ft
21.990,00 Ft

Essentials Padded Youth Jacket 4062453349644
15.290,00 Ft
21.990,00 Ft

Minicats Padded Babies' Jacket 4062453350770

Classics Candy Youth Crew Tee 4062453434180

Essentials+ Girls' Hoodie 4062453416162
7.590,00 Ft
10.990,00 Ft

Essentials Padded Youth Jacket 4062453341754
15.290,00 Ft
21.990,00 Ft

BMW M Motorsport Youth Sweatpants 4062453541826

Essentials Girls' Sweatpants 4059506615139
6.190,00 Ft
8.990,00 Ft

Essentials Girls' Hoodie 4059506614873

Iconic MCS Youth Hoodie 4062453477330

Classics Youth Hoodie 4062453477637
15.990,00 Ft

Classics T7 Youth Sweatpants 4062453562579

Alpha Knitted Youth Sweatpants 4062453345288

Big Logo Youth Sweatpants 4062453722720

Big Logo Youth Sweatpants 4062453719898

Animals MCS Kids' Sweatpants 4062453387806

Alpha Printed Full Zip Youth Hoodie 4062453345349

PUMA x SEGA Beanie 4063696068392
6.990,00 Ft

Essentials Hooded Boys' Jacket 4059506633706

Evostripe Youth Pants 4062453453938
13.990,00 Ft

Rebel Crew Neck Youth Sweatshirt 4062453479662