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The classic '80s inspired California has been recreated into a collection of street-cool, modern Cali sneakers for teens and kids. We've retained the original style of the upper but added progressive rubber tooling for an edgier, modern look. The Cali is a winner that´ll never go out of style. Explore the selection of Cali sneakers for girls and boys now.
  • Black (5)
  • Pink (1)
  • White (13)

Cali Sport Youth Trainers 4063697745391

Cali Sport Youth Trainers 4063697743564

Cali Sport Kids' Trainers 4063697745773

Cali Kids' Trainers 4063697789685

Cali Sport Youth Trainers 4063697728653

Cali Unicorn Kids' Trainers 4063697782662

Cali Youth Trainers 4063697778535

Cali Unicorn Babies' Trainers 4063697752207

Cali Youth Trainers 4063697803534

Cali Sport Kids' Trainers 4063696635983

Cali Kids' Trainers 4063697774261

Cali Star AC Babies' Trainers 4063697593343

Cali Star Kids' Trainers 4063697582781

Cali Kids' Trainers 4063697758841

Cali Star Kids' Trainers 4063697603462

Cali Sport Kids' Trainers 4063696635891

Cali Kids' Trainers 4062453066015
44,95 €
65,00 €

Cali Patent Youth Trainers 4062453082565
47,95 €
70,00 €

Cali Unicorn Kids' Trainers 4063697755222