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Women’s Hoodies & Sweatshirts

If your sportswear wardrobe needs a little refresh in the hoodie and sweatshirt department, then PUMA women’s sports jumpers are here to deliver on comfort, performance and warmth. For those in the market for cute hoodies for women, PUMA women’s sweatshirts mix retro sportswear chic and contemporary street style. With a range of fits, cuts and details, PUMA ladies’ sports hoodies have something to offer everyone. From slightly cropped styles with a streetstyle edge, to those with full zips, half zips or quarter zips, you’ll feel stylish and at ease in PUMA women’s hoodies. Available in relaxed and regular fits, with adjustable drawcords and soft linings, get ready to enjoy maximum comfort before and after your workout. PUMA women’s sports sweatshirts are extremely versatile and will slip into your workout or everyday wardrobe with ease. V-neck styles are great for the weekend, while crewnecks styles carry more of a sporty silhouette. Block colours alongside a selection of bold patterns and prints mean you can step out in style. Equipped with sleek and spacious pockets, with zip closures for security, PUMA ladies’ sweatshirts are tailored for maximum performance.
  • Black (71)
  • gray (24)
  • Brown (1)
  • Blue (6)
  • Green (5)
  • Orange (1)
  • tan (3)
  • Red (12)
  • Purple (1)
  • Pink (22)
  • White (29)
  • multi-colored (1)

Women’s Hoodies & Sweatshirts
176 (176)

Infuse Women's Hoodie 4063697132788

Infuse Women's Hoodie 4063697129849

Infuse Crew Neck Women's Sweater 4063697132351

Infuse Crew Neck Women's Sweater 4063697131194

Evide Women's Graphic Hoodie 4063697054998

Cropped Women's Hoodie 4063698813549
42,00 €
60,00 €

PUMA x PAMELA REIF Full Zip Women's Training Hoodie 4063698095853

Essentials Full Zip Women's Hoodie 4063698823395

Velvet Full Zip Women's Hoodie 4063698813112
45,00 €
65,00 €

Essentials Women's Hoodie 4063698823524

Favourite Quarter-Zip Women's Running Pullover 4063697476615

Foil Logo Cropped Fleece Women's Hoodie 4063698823166

Essentials Full Zip Women's Hoodie 4063698823463

Essentials Logo Women's Hoodie 4063697202016

Essentials Logo Women's Hoodie 4063697201897

Essentials Women's Hoodie 4063698823623

Classics Logo Women's Hoodie 4063697062016

Essentials Full Zip Fleece Women's Hoodie 4059507738677

Iconic MCS Cropped Crew Neck Women's Sweatshirt 4063697106505

Essentials Logo Women's Hoodie 4063697202290

Classics Logo Women's Hoodie 4063697062665

Foil Logo Cropped Fleece Women's Hoodie 4063698823227

Active Women's Hoodie 4063697135857

Cropped Velour Women's Hoodie 4063698430838
47,95 €
70,00 €

Cropped Women's Hoodie 4063696577528
34,95 €
60,00 €

Tailored for Sport Cropped Half Zip Women's Jacket 4062451175924

Amplified Women's Hoodie 4063697259645

PUMA x PAMELA REIF Full Zip Women's Training Hoodie 4063698095921

Classics Cropped Women's Sweater 4062453587008
29,95 €
65,00 €

Foil Logo Cropped Fleece Women's Hoodie 4063698834315

Essentials Full Zip Fleece Women's Hoodie 4059507738615

Active Women's Hoodie 4063697134416

Evide Crew Neck Women's Sweater 4062452853579
29,95 €
65,00 €

T7 2020 Fashion Crew Neck Women's Sweater 4063696266224

Elevated Essentials Cropped Women's Hoodie 4060981382232