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Women’s Clothing

Define your activewear style with PUMA women’s fashion clothing. Everyday essentials include relaxed t-shirts, easy-to-wear sweatpants and laid-back hoodies to see you comfortably through off-duty weekends. PUMA’s form-fitting athletic wear is constructed from high-tech materials to keep you comfortable through your workout, ensuring that PUMA women’s sports clothing is both form-focused and functional. Lightweight PUMA track jackets, hooded sweatshirts and cosy coats will keep you warm whatever the weather. Similarly, moisture-wicking crop tops, t-shirts, leggings and shorts will keep you cool as your workout heats up. If you’re looking for women’s fashion clothing with an athleisure edge, pair PUMA trackpants with a go-to pair of chunky trainers and an oversized women’s t-shirt with rolled up sleeves. Alternatively, throw on a hooded dress with a pair of trainers and you’ll be good to go in seconds. From basic black, white and navy, to bold hues, block colours and retro-inspired colour palettes, PUMA is on your side. However you want to move, do it in PUMA.
  • Black (489)
  • gray (101)
  • Brown (9)
  • Blue (60)
  • Green (30)
  • Orange (7)
  • tan (26)
  • Yellow (10)
  • Red (45)
  • Purple (27)
  • Pink (112)
  • White (133)
  • multi-colored (2)

Women’s Clothing
1099 (1099)

Essentials Logo Women's Tee 4063697275843

Essentials Logo Women's Tee 4063697276130

Amplified Women's Tee 4063697269170

Amplified Women's Tee 4063697249691

Amplified Women's Tee 4063697267350

Amplified Slim Women's Tee 4063697260658

PUMA x FIRST MILE Mock Women's Training Tee 4063697336186

Amplified Slim Women's Tee 4063697254770

Active Women's Tee 4063697143142
18,00 €

Essentials Logo Women's Tee 4063697273634

PUMA x FIRST MILE Mock Women's Training Tee 4063697336858

Infuse Loose Fit Women's Tee 4063697128583

Essentials Logo Cropped Women's Tee 4063697267107

Evide Printed Women's Crop Top 4063697109186

Infuse Loose Fit Women's Tee 4063697133051

Exhale Ribbed Knit V-Neck Long Sleeve Women's Training Top 4063697237902

Exhale Ribbed Knit V-Neck Long Sleeve Women's Training Top 4063697236929

Infuse Women's Crop Top 4063697225152

BMW M Motorsport Women's Street Tee 4063697144231

COOLadapt Women's Running Tee 4063697230804

COOLadapt Women's Running Tee 4063697231443

Essentials Logo Cropped Women's Tee 4063697253438

Active Women's Tee 4063697143807
18,00 €

Infuse Women's Crop Top 4063697224124

Essentials Logo Women's Tee 4063697273979

Essentials Logo Women's Tee 4063697274778

Essentials Logo Cropped Women's Tee 4063697260566

Exhale Boyfriend Women's Training Tee 4063697242739

Exhale Women's Training Crop Top 4063697235397