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T-shirts & Tops for Men

Have you ever wondered why the t-shirt has this name? Most likely because this crew neck shirt with short sleeves and straight bust resembles the shape of a "T". The term is actually quite young, it appears only in 1920 and has almost completely supplanted the term “shirt”. The t-shirt is perhaps the most worn garment by men, women, young and old alike and PUMA has treasured it making it one of the brand's most iconic clothing items. Whether short or long sleeved, PUMA men's t-shirts feature historical logos from the sporting landscape, such as men's sports t-shirts with Ferrari or BMW logos, fun and colorful prints and clean and very contemporary lines that make them perfect for both sport and leisure. Within the collection you can find many men's sports tops that faithfully reproduce those of the strongest football teams in the world.
  • Black (226)
  • gray (73)
  • Brown (2)
  • Blue (120)
  • Green (28)
  • Orange (14)
  • tan (5)
  • Yellow (32)
  • Red (66)
  • Purple (8)
  • Pink (7)
  • White (162)
  • multi-colored (2)
  • gold (1)

Classics Pocket Men's Tee 4063698690140

Elevate Printed Men's Tee 4063698709460

Classics Embro Men's Tee 4063697080942

Summer Court Graphic Men's Tee 4063698691444

Summer Court Graphic Men's Tee 4063698691611

PUMA x MR DOODLE Men's Tee 4063697727106

Elevate Tape Men's Tee 4063698708869

Off Beat Graphic Men's Tee 4063698690133

Jersey Men's Tee 4064533421004
25,00 €

Jersey Men's Tee 4064533420960
25,00 €

PUMA x MR DOODLE Colourblock Men's Tee 4063697726932

Statement Sleeveless Men's Tee 4064533421554

Elevate Crew Neck Men's Tee 4063698709941

PUMA x MAISON KITSUNÉ Unisex Oversized Tee 4063698504843

Elevate Tape Men's Tee 4063698708807

Classics Embro Sleeveless Men's Tee 4063697469686

PUMA x MR DOODLE Men's Tee 4063697727533

Avenir Men's Tee 4063697438880
30,00 €

Jersey Men's Tee 4064533421134
25,00 €

Elevate Printed Men's Tee 4063698709569

MMQ EARTHBREAK Men's Tee 4063697124011

Bonded Short Sleeve Men's Training Tee 4063697336612

Statement Oversized Men's Tee 4064533484023

OB Printed Men's Tee 4063698689069

PUMA x MR DOODLE Colourblock Men's Tee 4063697727403

Only See Great Men's Tee 4062452559143

PUMA x MR DOODLE Printed Men's Tee 4063697726321

Only See Great Men's Tee 4062452559242

PUMA x MAISON KITSUNÉ Unisex Printed Tee 4063698504713

Statement Boxy Fit Men's Tee 4064533420892

Favourite Heather Short Sleeve Men's Training Tee 4063697187269

Favourite Men's Running Singlet 4063697424449

Vent Men's Training Tee 4063697419407

PUMA x MR DOODLE Men's Tee 4063697726147