Hats & Headwear



Sun, cold wind or snow: These visors, beanies and caps for women by PUMA not only protect you perfectly from the elements, but also confirm your sense of style. Be inspired by caps in unusual designs like the velour look. Functional materials offer you the perfect protection for your head and help you keep your cool or keep your ears toasty warm in winter. Of course, the PUMA logo is always on the caps and hats.

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PUMA x SUE TSAI Beanie 4062449192766
PUMA x SUE TSAI Women's Cap 4062449078923
Manchester City 125 Year Anniversary Cap 4062449645781
PUMA x TYAKASHA Cap 4062449078954
Porsche Design Knit Beanie 4062449443769
PUMA x TYAKASHA Beanie 4062449078909
BMW Motorsport Replica Team Cap 4059506066740
Classic Ribbed Beanie 4059506127465
Ferrari Fanwear Cap 4060981989288
Ferrari Lifestyle Baseball Cap 4060981989141
Archive Logo Baseball Cap 4060978185730
Flatbrim Cap 4059504719181
15,00 €
Classic Ribbed Beanie 4060981732648
Red Bull Racing Replica Verstappen Baseball Cap 4060979753006
Ferrari Fanwear Cap 4060981989264
Classic Ribbed Beanie 4060981732631
BMW M Motorsport Cap 4060981988946
Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport Street Cap 4060981986591
Archive Mid Fit Beanie 4060981732426
Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport Baseball Cap 4060981986379
Flatbrim Cap 4060978178411
15,00 €
BMW Motorsport Beanie 4062449121780
Archive Mid Fit Beanie 4060981732570
PUMA x RHUDE Cap 4062449517644
Archive Logo Baseball Cap 4060981733119
Red Bull Racing Lifestyle Beanie 4062449000849
Red Bull Racing Replica Verstappen Flatbrim Cap 4060979752931
Archive Mid Fit Beanie 4060981732464
CELL Cap 4060981734994
18,00 €
Man City Team Cap 4060981894490
AC Milan Training Cap 4060981850618
Essential Beanie 4060981733676
Classic Ribbed Beanie 4059506127342
Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport Baseball Cap 4060981986386
Lifestyle ColourBlock Cap 4059506121432
ARCHIVE BB cap 4060981733126