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Men’s Sliders & Flip Flops

For days where sandals are the only option, PUMA men's fashion sandals are primed for comfort and performance. As our range of sliders and sandales for men areconstructed from ultra-comfortable materials and feature functional closure, you won’t want to wear anything else. For a laid-back look, choose a pair of men's slides. Cushioned soles, moulded foot beds and adjustable strap closures deliver on comfort, and ourfashion slides have a sleek silhouette with PUMA’s signature sportswear vibe. Wear with everything from athletic shorts to track pants for a relaxed outfit to wear out and about. From relaxed evenings with friends to desk-to-gym or training situations, PUMA men's sandalshave flexible outsoles and a superior grip. They come in a variety of different colour combinations, including classic block shades and styles with splashes of bold colour, making them a great choice, whatever your style.
  • Black (9)
  • Blue (4)
  • Red (1)
  • Pink (2)
  • White (5)
  • multi-colored (2)

Men’s Sliders & Flip Flops
23 (23)

BMW M Motorsport Graphic Leadcat Sandals 4063697794078

Mercedes F1 Graphic Leadcat FTR Sandals 4063697769106

Leadcat FTR Mono Sandals 4063697662148

Leadcat FTR Mono Sandals 4063697635661

RS Sandals 4063697696716
600,00 kr

Porsche Legacy Leadcat FTR Graphic Sandals 4063697601802

Mirage Mox Sandals 4063697630468
500,00 kr

Royalcat Comfort Sandals 4062451855727

Leadcat FTR Sandals 4062451822828

Royalcat Comfort Sandals 4062451835279

SOFTRIDE Sandals 4063697624108
400,00 kr

Mirage Mox Sandals 4063697657816
500,00 kr

Epic Flip v2 Sandals 4062453182678
140,00 kr
200,00 kr

Leadcat FTR Sandals 4063697733060

Epic Flip v2 Sandals 4062451795221

SOFTRIDE Sandals 4063697672390
400,00 kr

Leadcat FTR Suede Classic Sandals 4062451813536

Leadcat FTR Sandals 4062451857127

Leadcat FTR Sandals 4062451828936

Leadcat FTR Sandals 4062451819347

Popcat 20 Sandals 4062451844462
180,00 kr

Epic Flip v2 Sandals 4062451796044

Leadcat Slide Sandals 4056204925652
130,00 kr
190,00 kr